Application letter How is it done? Example

A letter of request It is used for various purposes, it is also important that you have adequate training time, and that this letter follow a spelling pattern so that the other person can understand the message clearly and precisely. It is very important that you take into account who the letter is addressed to, since that way you can determine if the letter should be formal or informal. Next a example of a formal request.

signature of requesting letter

Example of request letter

Louis Lopez Lopez

Av. Francisco I Madero 356 interior 3

Col. Morales Mexico D.F

Dear Sir: __________________________ Through this letter I would like to make a proforma request for your services, I am interested in acquiring them but I would like to have a little more information about it, since it is vital information for me to know the product that you offer.

At this moment I am in my working day which is from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. If you like, you can tell me what day and at what time you can stop by to have a quick meeting or you can send me the detailed information by email to E-mail: _____________________________. I am interested in hearing from you before the day: ________________________, since it will be when a decision is made by the board of directors for the purchase of the product by the bidders, it should be noted that we have contacted other bidders to evaluate the different products Hence the importance of information.

Kind regards: _________________________

Remember that when making a letter of application This must be addressed to a person and not to an entity, since the main contact in said entity will be the person representing it, the brevity of the letter is important, but at the same time the corresponding information must be included so that you can receive news prompt and concise.

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