CANCELLATION letter - Examples to cancel services

A cancellation letter is used mainly to end a contract with a company, in this case we will show a sample cancellation letter Internet in which we will show an example to follow to request the suspension of a service at home, in the same way it can be modified to transform it into a letter of cancellation of another nature, for example, cancellation of bills, credit card cancellation, debt cancellation, remember that you can modify this letter at your convenience.

cancellation letter

Example of service cancellation letter

Day: ________________

Name: ____________

Contract: ___________

Dear Sirs of Clear! TV, through this letter I want to suspend the internet in my house located at: _____________________ the contract that I had agreed to is: _____________________, currently the month in charge has been paid and the accounts are up to date, in this way I request the withdrawal of the service before said payment expires, so that I will not be charged for services the following month.

The reason why I am removing the service is: _________________________, thanking you for the service you have provided me during this time, I hope that the technicians will come to my house to do the uninstallation and that they send me a letter or physical check or by email to: _________________ in this way to have proof of suspension of said services.

I would also like to take this opportunity to request that I be removed from the database, so that I do not receive any more promotions from the Claro company! Since I will not be interested in acquiring these services, for a while in case my person wants it, he will be communicating with you to provide you with my new E-mail.

a cordial greeting

Attn.: José Solís A

Remember that this letter is an example and you can make the necessary corrections.

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