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We have all had to pay an invoice for a product or service with which we have been totally or partially dissatisfied. But according to some studies, they reveal that only 4% of people who were dissatisfied with products or services make a claim or complaint. In this post we will show you sample letters of complaints and claims.

Those who do, many times receive full compensation or refund of the product or service.

Many people feel uncomfortable doing it because they believe that they are carrying out an unpleasant effort or because of the futility of their action (they think that they will get nothing for it).

However, when a person pays an invoice for products or services and they do not agree, of course, what they should do is a written claim or complaint.

model letters of complaints and claims

The big problem is that most people who have reason to complain don't, for lack of consumer orientation or entities that can advise or protect the client.

How to complain by letter?

We do not have to resign ourselves when there are more than reasonable reasons. The consumers we have the right to complain as long as we really do not agree, as the laws of our country protect it, but for them to agree with us we must do it correctly.

Sometimes it's okay with a simple Phone call, it may also happen that we have to go to a face-to-face office to talk to fix the problem, although sometimes it will be necessary a firm but polite letter to solve the problem that we have of disagreement with the product or service.

A first example can be seen in the post about a complaint letter to a newspaper, which was previously published.

Why make a letter of complaints or claims?

In general, of the three aforementioned means, the most effective is to write a letter to make the claim or complaint.

A written complaint is usually much more effective. of what may be a phone call or a complaint in the office.

In addition to give the feeling of seriousness of the matter, the letter allows us to think and be able to write our disagreement with the right words. We will thus be able to document more explanation details without the need to react as we would over the phone or in person, in a somewhat more emotional way.

In addition, a letter will be the proof that we will have of the complaint that we have made, which we will make a photocopy of before delivering it or sending it to the address indicated to us.

Sample letter of complaint or claim for a product or service

Here I present one of the Ways to make a complaint I hope it helps you.

Dear Sirs:

The day (and we put the day we rented, bought, or requested a service) (here we will put if we bought, rented, or signed up for any service) a (here we will put the name of the product, serial number or description of the service provided) in (place and province).

Your product/service (put the correct one) has not been effective for me, because (and say the problem it has caused us or because we think we are not satisfied).

So that we can solve the problem, I would appreciate it (here we will tell you how we want to solve it, that is, refund the amount, exchange for another equal product, if we want the refund in our account or our card as we paid it). I send you copies where you can see the documents of the same (always send a photocopy with the documents that serve us for the problem in question, such as now invoices, purchase tickets, a repair or change, or any other document we believe is important).

I await your response within a few days to solve the problem that I have mentioned, in a favorable way for me

A cordial greeting, sincerely

(your name)

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