COMPLAINT letters to the editor of a NEWSPAPER

when we read a newspaper there is a lot of news that we like and others that we dislike. But sometimes there is some information of which we are strongly disagree, when that happens we must make a complaint to the director of the newspaper. In this post we will show you a model or example of letters of complaint to the editor of a newspaper.

For be able to write a letter well Of this type, we first have to put our ideas well marked and knowing well how to write them.

It's very important know the structure of a letter of this type, to be able to do it and get our opinion taken into account.

Letters of complaint to the editor of a newspaper

The first thing we will do is read the article or news that we don't like it to understand well what was put on, and because we don't like it.

Later in a scratch paper we will put the reasons why we don't like them, and an argument from them like this when writing the letter of complaint to the editor of the newspaper will turn out much better.

Then we will write down the day and the page or section that the news appears, and any other data that is of great importance.

Now with all this data on the scratch paper, we can begin to make the final letter of complaint to the director of that newspaper.

Can follow a letter type, a sample letter or do it on our own, but in reality I would advise you to follow a standard letter like the one that I will show you later, being able to add your own words that you think are appropriate.

In general, the opinion of the readers of a newspaper are very important for the editor of the newspaper. So do not hesitate to assert your opinion, because for the director you already know that it counts a lot.

Sample letter of complaint to the editor of a newspaper

Here I present the letter that I indicated before, from which you can guide yourself to be able to complain about the news that outrages you so much

To the attention of the Director:

My name is (and you indicate here your name and surname) and I usually read your newspaper. I have read your article referring to (here we will put the name of the news for which we are complaining) that appeared in your newspaper (and here we indicate the name of the newspaper), where from your newspaper (and here we will say what we think is wrong of the news because of something that the newspaper published).

From here I want to tell you that I appreciate that you have news dedicated to (and you say the subject of the news), but I hope that in future similar publications you will reconsider another more suitable type of vocabulary, (and now you say what you should have said instead ).

I hope this will be of great help to you in the future. Without more to say, an assiduous reader says goodbye.


(your name)

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