Letter of authorization for a CREDIT

A credit authorization letter It is a legal document in which a transaction is authorized that will have a payment at a certain time, generally the payments of letters of credit who in a term of 12 months Although this may vary depending on the type of credit that is being granted.

credit authorization letter

Generally, in order to grant a credit, the letter must be issued by the representative of the company or the legal representative authorized to generate credits. Before generating a loan to a person, a prior study of their economic situation and their situation as a debtor must be carried out since the user may have pending accounts in other entities or have a stained credit history. In this article we will show you a quick way to understand how to create a credit authorization letter. Although it is important to note that this may vary depending on the entity or depending on the credit that is being granted.

Sample letter to authorize a credit or loan

The company: _________________________ with legal identity: __________ by means of this promissory note authorizes the credit with the number: _________ for a total of:_________ net to Mr.:___________________ bearer of the ID:_______________ the credit will be returned within a term of:______________ with an interest of:______ leaving a mutual agreement and accepting the policies that were agreed in the document number:__________.

The credit will be deposited by the beggar: __________________ and will be returned by Mr.:_____________ on the day: ______of the month: ______ of the year: _______.

Also note that the agreement in this letter of credit is in force and subject to the policies formed in the document: _________ payment dates cannot be postponed unless there is prior authorization from credit management. In the event of a delay with the payments, the debtor understands and accepts that he will have an additional charge of: _____ for default interest.

___________________ ______________________

Entity signature Debtor signature

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  1. Sample letter to authorize a credit or loan

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