Letter of resignation to the UNIVERSITY

This type of letter is prepared in the event that you are a student of a private or public university and that you are receiving some type of scholarship or that you have a payment agreement financed with said university, when you leave your studies and depending on the contract or agreement you have made with the university, this will be the payment that you must make. In this article we show you an example of college resignation letter, so you can have a machote of information. Somewhat more common are scholarship resignation letters.

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Sample letter of withdrawal from a university




Me:____________________ bearer of the identification:_____________ and study with the card number:_____________________ I extend my wishes to terminate student relations with this university for the reason of:________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________. Thanking you for the time and the opportunity that you have given me, I would also like to emphasize the deep gratitude regarding the studies provided by the different professors and officials such as:__________,_________________,________________________ I express that I will leave the university in the Date:____________, I will be meeting with the people in charge of my career to settle payment issues or good grades on the day:___________________these dates according to the information provided to me by the department of:___________________.

I say goodbye but not before reiterating my thanks and satisfaction in all the time that I have been attending this university, I will gladly recommend it to my acquaintances.

Kind regards: _________________________________.

Remember that when implementing a letter of resignation from the university, in most cases you would be losing the scholarship or aid from the government, to avoid this you should seek advice from the competent departments to avoid a misunderstanding that could compromise your educational career, in the same way make sure that in the new university they will value the points obtained and the exams taken.

Also remember this example letter of resignation from a job or to a company and always use appropriate language as can be seen in the models.

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  1. Sample letter of withdrawal from a university

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