Letter to a classmate: Examples

On many occasions our classmates become lifelong friends or our best friends. What happens as we grow up definitely marks us, forges our personality, our vision of the world, and creates strong ties with the people who accompany us in the process.

A letter can be a good tool to communicate important or sensitive issues, which it may be difficult for us to say in person or face to face, but that we feel the need for, and we know the importance of communicating them. On the other hand, a letter will help us put our ideas on the table and reflect on them in depth, it will give us opportunities to see what we really think for better or worse.

Here are a couple of examples of letters for classmates that will serve as an inspiration model:

Example 1

A stage is completed, satisfactory and full of learning without a doubt and also with setbacks. At this point, when we don't fully know where we're going, I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your friendship, your company and everything you've done for a long time. I want you to know that I value your support and that it has been unconditional in difficult times.

You were the person who received me with kindness and openness to friendship from the beginning, that's why I consider you a true friend, an excellent friend. I hope we continue to share in the future, but if not, I hope our friendship continues and we don't lose contact, I wish you to achieve your goals, although I know that with your talent that won't be very difficult. Do not stop writing to me, that I will not neglect friendship for any reason. He writes to you with love, your companion.

Example 2

I remember having met you a couple of times before we met, that we spent some time without exchanging a word. We were together for a long time recently and a very important bond was formed for me. It was a time full of special moments, very happy, in which we laughed and shared many things.

Now I can see that we won't match that much, but I want you to know that even if we don't share the same as before, you have a special place in my heart. You became a truly special friend to me, and I believe that true friendship never ends, I hope that we can be closer in the future, and that we never completely lose touch. He writes to you with great affection, who will be your friend forever.

Some tips for writing letters to a partner

The letter is not a widely used format at present, because now we are more direct and we have the facility to communicate instantly from anywhere, far exceeding the central utility of letters in the past.

However, writing allows us to reflect and be aware of what we think about things. Therefore, this is still an excellent format to express affection and communicate not so simple thoughts to our friends and colleagues. Here are some tips in this regard:

  • Think of something that you really want to say to your partner, but haven't, or not at all.
  • Think about the possible reasons why you have been together and so close over time.
  • In case you can't get started with the letter, just get straight to the point with some of the main ideas and once it's down on paper you can tweak it to make it have the impact you want.
  • After your letter is written as it came out, you can think about reformulating its structure, and as appropriate, rearrange, complement or delete the ideas you raise.
  • The most important thing is that you always try to be honest and be yourself, remember that no one sees what you are writing and in the end you can always remove what you decide you don't want to say.
  • Depending on the tone and to whom the letter is addressed, you can even choose the material in which you want to print it or you can limit yourself to sending it by email.

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