The December festivities have begun, the joy of the children is felt as they look forward to the arrival of Santa Claus, this tradition is ancient which is passed from generation to generation and today its essence is still maintained. All send letters on these dates, and children are the ones who seek the most how to write to get better results.

Indeed, everything begins to make sense when each child sits down to think with a pencil and paper the words that they have to say to Santa Claus to bring them their gifts. However, this tradition is also a way for the child to reflect on their behavior throughout the year.

letter to santa claus

In the past, the children (as) placed the letters to Santa Claus under the pillow, the fireplace under the Christmas tree and even in the garden, so that when he arrived with his huge bag of gifts he would read it and correspond to the requested gift. They currently want to send them emails.

Sample letter to Santa Claus

However, with this model letter to Santa Claus which we will leave next you can receive more gifts from Santa Claus:

Dear Santa Claus.

I am writing this letter to you first of all to greet you and wish you a Merry Christmas, I do not know that you have a family, since I have never heard of it, however I hope you have a wonderful time. I wanted to tell you a little about myself, to begin with I have been obedient in terms of my parents' demands, my grades at school have been extraordinary and my treatment of my classmates is improving.

I know that I have never seen you in person, but I imagine how I see you drawn in books or on Christmas cards, I would like to be your friend and that you write to me from time to time because I suppose that not only at Christmas do you exist . You are a very generous being because you bring all the children a gift to brighten their Christmas.

My gift request for this year is a Barbie dollhouse, but if you don't have a second option, I would like a mini piano to compose melodies, because I don't know if you know but I really like music, I don't ask you for more things because You must have a lot of work and there are many children to bring gifts to. Well Santa Claus, I hope you read my letter and that you can leave me some of these gifts. I leave you a big hug.



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