Model Personal Letters of RECOMMENDATION

Personal letters of recommendation is a tool that allows the recipients of this communication to confirm the background of a person. If you are asked to do this type of tasting, take it seriously and do it in a way that you can contribute professionally to the person who is asking you to.

This type of communication is essential, in some cases it is a mandatory process. You need to look for this card as soon as possible, people tend to take a while to make these types of cards. Here we bring you everything you need to know to write a personal recommendation letter that will surprise the person, company or university to which it is addressed. Let's start with the main data.

What is the purpose of personal recommendation letters?

The objective of this type of letter is to show the time in which the recommended person is known, stating what type of employment relationship they have and how the person's performance was. Generally, if you need a letter of recommendation, you should ask a person who appreciates you and knows about your academic and personal development.

The purpose of these communications is to verify that the subject applying has professional relations in the world where it is carried out., highlighting its virtues and trajectory. This is a good opportunity to say characteristics of the person that you can't read on his resume.

Who is asked for a personal recommendation letter?

It depends who the personal recommendation letter is addressed to.. If you intend to do a master's level postgraduate, the person you ask for the letter must have the same academic degree or higher. This applies only when it comes to academic scholarships or postgraduate admission, this requirement depends on the country and the university. In some cases, they provide you with the personal recommendation letter format, it is worth asking if they have an outline available.

Now if it is a contest to apply for a job position, it is important that the letter of recommendation is from a previous job. This allows the evaluators to verify that you have a good relationship with your former employers, which somehow certifies your good performance.

How to write a personal recommendation letter?

In this type of letter it is essential that you be precise, avoid unnecessary phrases and that they speak in an exaggerated way about the recommended person. These types of communications should answer the following questions:

  • Where did you meet the recommended person?
  • Time and type of relationship (personal, academic or work)
  • Positive characteristics of the person who is recommended
  • Closing, it is necessary to say goodbye politely

It should be a simple letter, without spelling mistakes, so read it several times until it is perfect. Remember that you are recommended to another person, otherwise it is well done, it will act against the recommended person.

What should I not do in a personal recommendation letter?

This type of communication should be simple, but without losing good manners and professionalism. Here are the 10 things you should not do in a letter of this type:

  1. have misspellings
  2. Complicated and elaborate writing
  3. The person signing is not identified
  4. Go into details of an experience
  5. Do not mention professional or academic characteristics in the communication
  6. Handle offensive, racist or classist language
  7. Use outrageous font colors
  8. wield jokes
  9. Use comic sans or hard to read fonts
  10. insert images

What format to use for a letter of recommendation? Word, PDF, doc?

Currently, almost all applications of any type are handled online, so it is recommended to send this type of document in formats that can be modified with just one click. Our suggestion is that the letters of recommendation are in pdf format, you make it to edit in Word and then you print it in pdf format, it is ready to send and that your employer can download, print or view online.

On the other hand, it is important that you use a formal font in a neutral color. Do not get creative, it is best to be the most classic in this type of communication, always maintaining the forms and expressing the positive characteristics of the person you intend to recommend.

Examples of personal recommendation letters

He example, format or model of personal recommendation letter that we show you below It is used in the academic and research world, however, it can be adjusted to any other type of application, always remember to take care of the forms.

Example of a long personal recommendation letter

Company or university logo

Place and date of issuance of the letter

(Name and titles of the person signing the letter)
company or university

To whom it may concern (name of the person or institution to whom the communication is addressed):

I have had the opportunity to get up close to (name of person recommended)since 2011, both in the academic/professional and personal fields, coinciding with (position and academic or work place where the person was known), also having the opportunity to work together in the framework two (number of projects) Projects (specify academic or work) in this period of time. Therefore, I can responsibly say that he is a person who is committed and dedicated to fulfilling the proposed objectives in the best possible way.

Throughout this period of time I have appreciated his interest in complementing and integrating interpretive approaches to address the proposed projects, making contributions that have allowed for constructive dialogue between the social sciences and the biological sciences. In addition to the efforts to deepen the topics worked and advance academically.

On a personal level, I admire qualities such as perseverance and honesty, as well as his marked persistence, healthy competitiveness and a clear goal of achieving his objectives. He is very confident in his future and I believe that he will achieve everything he sets his mind to.

I believe he is prepared to pursue higher studies at a highly recognized international academic institution, and therefore I highly recommend him.

I remain at your complete service in case you need to further confirm this reference.

I respectfully say goodbye

Degrees, company or university
University XXXXX
Phone +58-212-XXXXXX

Personal recommendation letter template to send in PDF

Dear (name),
It is a great pleasure to write this letter on behalf of (name). We have known (him/her) for (number) years in (position), and can vouch for (his/her) character and ability. (Name) is a very intelligent and hardworking person. (He has always been motivated to achieve his goals and has always been willing to go the extra mile to achieve them. (He is also a very compassionate person, always listening and helping others. (His dedication and commitment to his work is evident in His achievements.
(Name) has always been a top performer in (his) field, and has received numerous awards and recognitions for (his) work. (He is also highly respected by his peers and is often asked for advice and guidance. We think (name) would be an excellent addition to your team, and we are confident that (he/she) will be a valuable asset to your organization. (He/she) /she) has our highest recommendation, and we are confident that (he/she) will be successful in whatever (he/she) pursues.
Sincerely, (Your name)

Personal recommendation letter to fill out

[Nombre]You have a rare ability to see the big picture and focus on the details that matter most. This makes you an exceptional leader and problem solver. he is also a kind and compassionate person who always cares about others. He is a true team player who is always willing to lend a helping hand. has a long record of academic and professional achievement.[Nombre]

Example of job recommendation letter

[Insertar nombre] He is an extremely motivated individual, always looking for new opportunities to learn and grow. He has a great sense of responsibility and always keeps his commitments. He is also very personable and has an excellent ability to build relationships with others. would be a great addition to your team. You have the skills and attributes necessary for success in any organization. I strongly encourage you to consider them for any open positions you may have.[Insertar nombre]

Final Comments on the Letters of Recommendation

There are different personal recommendation letter templates, and it is that today a letter of recommendation is a widely used instrument to carry out a selection test as well as the recommendation letter for resume, both for the experience acquired and for all the characteristics offered by the applicant.

There must be 4 parts, the first is the general identification, in the second we will put the context, the third a good recommendation and finally the closing of the letter.

On one or 2 pages, the name of the recommender and the name of the recommended person will have to appear. Later a description of how and why you know that person. Add something positive about his work, also do it about his personality in front of a position of similar caliber, and then remember to put the contact telephone number of who he recommends, so that the company at a certain moment can acquire more knowledge about the recommended person.

In order to help, add data such as responsibility, attention to detail, overview, enthusiasm and commitment.

Finally, remember to close the personal recommendation letter with some typical phrase, such as: "If you need any other information, do not hesitate to contact me, I will be happy to answer you as soon as possible".

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    2. Personal recommendation letter template to send in PDF
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  7. Final Comments on the Letters of Recommendation

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