There are moments in your life when you must give your children freedom and allow them to travel with their school, grandparents or with other people. This can be a difficult decision because you will not have control over the situation and detaching yourself from your child for the first time can be hard.

Drafting a Letter of Authorization for Parents to Travel It is important because in it you must indicate that you are leaving your child in the hands of another adult and this includes certain rights and duties that you must make clear from the beginning.

And always remember, just as you send a letter at the beginning of the trip, it is also good thank the teacher or teacher after the trip that everything went well.

Sample Letters of Authorization for Parents to Travel

Minor children cannot travel without the company of their responsible parents or guardians, so in these cases it is important to write a parental authorization letter to travel. For this reason we show you examples of this type of letters so that you can carry them out correctly.

Examples of authorization from both parents

I, Victor Jose Martinez Correa, of legal age, with identification number 00000000 and Maria Gabriela Gomez de Martinez, of legal age, with identification number 00000000 married and domiciled in Caracas Venezuela.

We hereby authorize our son, Andres Rafael Martinez Gomez, minor, with identification number 00000000, born on February 5, 2010. For you to take a trip to Morrocoy National Park supervised by Jose Gregorio Fernandez Escamosa, from the day March 5, 2020 with return set for the day March 8, 2020.

We put on record what was expressed in this letter that the March 1, 2020, in Caracas Venezuela

[Signature Victor Jose Martinez Correa]

[Signed by María Gabriela Gómez de Martínez]

Example authorization of separated parents

Through this letter, I inform you that I, Rafael Alejandro Perez Nunez, bearer of the identity number 00000000, living in Bogota Colombia, I authorize Maria Alejandra Rodriguez mother of our minor son named David Alejandro Perez Rodriguez with the identity number 00000000, so that they travel together from the day January 15, 2020 until the day January 20, 2020, bound for Quito, Ecuador through air Transport.

Without further ado, I put on record what was expressed in this letter on the day January 5, 2020 in Bogota Colombia.

[Signature Rafael Alejandro Pérez Núñez]

Example authorization of unaccompanied children

Today April 1, 2020 I, the citizen, Carlos David Galeano Urdanibia, of legal age with identification number 00000000 Resident in Madrid Spain, I inform that I give my full authorization for my son, Jose Leonardo Galeano Espinoza, minor and with identification number 00000000, can travel without the need for the company of an adult to the location of Catalonia, Spain, during the day April 3, 2020, through public transport.

[Signature Carlos David Galeano Urdanibia]

example school trip

I hereby authorize my son Diego Eduardo Pereira Martinez, minor with the identity number 00000000 born on September 19, 2011 so that I can travel to the town of galipan under the responsibility of your school "Jose Cabrera" located in Caracas Venezuela school day February 25, 2020.

Without further ado, sign Pedro Luis Pereira, father of the child.

[Signature Pedro Luis Pereira]

Below are a series of tips for writing correctly, understandable and effective.

Structure of the travel authorization letter

  • Headboard: Start writing the responsible person to whom the letter will be dedicated, then you have to write your full name and the relationship you have with the child. You must also identify your child with his address, full name, ID and date of birth. Leave no room for vagueness that can later be used against you should something go wrong.
  • Permissions: Be sure to write permissions that you will grant to the reader, they can be several, grant temporary custody to a certain close person, give a school permit that includes certain premises, etc. Other abilities such as the rights to make medical decisions should be declared if a health mishap occurs.
  • Action period: Specify a period of time that this permit will be in effect, perhaps for a few days, weeks, months, or years. Write the dates that will be involved from – until, outside this period measures will be taken. You must also leave a framework of uncertainty where your child's trip may end in the event of a family emergency or notice on your part.
  • Look for a witness: Include in the signature of the document that of a witness who can be your spouse, a neighbor or another close person. In this way, the document will be more legal and the reader will give much more value and respect to what is stipulated.

Recommendations if you must travel with minors

  • The laws on letters of authorization are variants depending on where you are, each state has a set of laws that support this situation. In case you have doubts about the rights or duties that must be reflected, you can consult with a lawyer or court employee to advise you with the pertinent formalities.
  • Create several copies of the letter and keep the original, you can also give several copies to other family members to keep in case something unforeseen happens.
  • In the event that your child suffers from allergies or any condition that requires immediate attention, the countermeasures that must be taken if the child's health is affected must be stipulated in the letter.

I hope that with this you can overcome the writing of this letter without difficulties and that your son has all the security that even if you are not by his side you can give him.

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