Unjustified dismissal letter. How is it done? examples

Next, we will show you an example of a unfair dismissal letter, which will help them when they have to create a letter Or even analyze it.

In it, you will be able to see the steps to follow to create it and, despite the fact that these types of dismissals are quite bitter, how each and every one of the data and reasons for the dismissal is put.

  • Name of the firing company:
  • Position of the person creating the letter:
  • Relevant data about the company:

Also remember that you should preferably include the following information, although this may vary depending on the country where you are.

  • Name of the person to whom the letter is addressed:
  • Position held in the company:
  • Relevant data about said person:

unfair dismissal letter example

Unjustified dismissal letter example

sample letter to write

Dear Sir/Madam (Name of the person to whom the letter is addressed):

The reason for this communication is to inform you that from this moment you are fired from (Position held by the person who receives the letter) that you have held during (Time the person was in the company) in our company.

We have confirmed that on numerous occasions you have (Actions that the person has carried out badly in the company, as well as breaking regulations, or even breaking the law) and this is a cause for dismissal stipulated as a serious offense within the employment contract that you signed from A beginning.

Even so, we have to know that throughout this time he has done a good job and has met the goals stipulated with our company and that is why we know that it will not be difficult for him to find a new job outside our company. (If applicable, indicate objections that can be carried out). That is why our company thanks you for all your effort and time dedicated to it and wishes you success in your future careers.


(Name of the company director or the person writing the letter)

(Position held by the person signing above)

We hope this template will help you create your unfair dismissal letters and make your job easier. Here you can see another justified dismissal letter template.

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  1. Unjustified dismissal letter example
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