WEDDING LETTER templates for the Bride and Groom!

Wedding letter templates for the bride and groom: For a mother that a daughter gets married is the greatest joy, since he knows that his daughter is marrying a good person (because if not, he would not let her marry), although have some sadness or nostalgia, because she will no longer have her at home all day, lunches, dinners or those very special breakfasts with her. But overall she's happy.

For those of us who are mothers, when a daughter gets married, we always want to do something special for her and her future husband, who will also be part of our family. That is why you have to write a letter for the two boyfriends, where it reflects your joy for your future wedding.

It has above all to be a very special letter, reflect joy for the wedding and for the new life that they are going to undertake together.

wedding letter template for bride and groom

We have to reflect that happiness felt by the mother of the bride, for his daughter and for his future son-in-law who already feels like part of the family, can even treat him as a son. And if that's the case and you feel your daughter's boyfriend as one more son, then we must reflect it in the letter you write to them.

For them there will be no more special gift than words of support and congratulations from the mother of the bride.

in the letter we can congratulate you both and say how happy you feel about the wedding that they are going to celebrate soon.

Also in the letter the mother can give some advice to the bride and groom, to both equally, indicate that respect between the two, speak without getting upset because the inequalities or problems they may have can always be solved by talking calmly.

That they always love each other and that always keep that love, that now makes them so happy.

That they are going to start a familyThey will stop being an individual person who makes their own decisions, to become a family where they will have to make their decisions but the two of them jointly, who will manage the things of the house with the rules that they will establish between the two, and that even if they have differences In the way they want to carry things, they will always speak calmly and make the best decisions between the two of them.

And with all this tell him that you hope that his love lasts for many years.

wedding letter template for the BRIDE and BRIDE

Below I put a model letter so that you can be inspired or do it the way I put it. I hope you find it useful and that special letter for the bride and groom be the best gift they receive.

Dear sons,

I start by saying children, because you are my son-in-law, but for me you have become a son, you have entered my family for being a great person who loves the person I love the most in this life, my daughter.

That is why I want to thank you for everything you do for her, because since you are in her life my daughter, who will be your future wife, does not stop smiling and being happy, and for that alone I must say thank you, thank you and thank you.

For you, my daughter, to tell you that you always want as you want now, that your love never ends, that despite all the setbacks you may have, together you can overcome them.

Because now when it is your wedding and you get married, you will stop being one to become one, you will form your own family and you will make your decisions together.

Above all, ask both of you to respect each other in the same way, that you resolve any disagreements that you may have due to coexistence in a good way and without arguments. May you continue to make each other happy like now. May you never stop loving each other, so continue like now that you give everything for each other.

I feel very happy about your wedding and the new life that you are going to take, and without further ado, I just want to say CONGRATULATIONS!!

Congratulations on your future wedding and life together.

See you soon children!!

(your name)

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  1. wedding letter template for the BRIDE and BRIDE

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