WRONG DISMISSAL letter - Sample letter and example

When we talk about a letter from dismissal unfair, we refer to the written communication made by a company to present the dismissal to an employee. These letters include the reasons and the date on which the worker terminates his activities within the company's area.

It is important to mention that the causes that originate a labor dismissal are usually many; in the greatest of cases; the main and most relevant is the financial crisis; where companies have the obligation to reduce staff. In short, if the dismissal complies with the legal requirements, there is no inconvenience for the employee to sue the company that hired him.

However, if otherwise there is arbitrariness acting against the laws, then here there is a serious fault on the part of the company. In other words, when there is a dismissal, the worker must have been grossly negligent; That is good, what the law requires for there to be a dismissal, otherwise it is classified as an arbitrary dismissal.

Unfair dismissal

In short, if you are a businessman, here we will leave you a example how to write an unfair dismissal letter.

Mrs. Azucena del Carmen Moreno Sotillo

Dear Madam.

Through the following letter, the company's board of directors has the duty to notify you that it has made a decision that determines the employment relationship that linked us with your person; Therefore, making use of Article 15 of the Labor Law of this State, it is clear that his consecutive absences put the image of the company and the moral integrity of the rest of the employees at risk.

For this reason, we request that you report as soon as possible to the human resources office, to deliver your payment as well as your economic rights that belong to you up to the date of March 25, 2014 in accordance with the law.


Alonso Alejandro Zambrano


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  1. In short, if you are a businessman, here we will leave you a example how to write an unfair dismissal letter.

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