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Many entrepreneurs start their business with great enthusiasm, have a well-defined project, a very well-conceived product or service, have a competitive price, everything they need to succeed in the market.
However, some of them fail to get the results they deserve and what the business plan projected as profit because they don't know how to offer their services or their products to their potential customers.

They know where their clients are, they even have lists with addresses and everything, but they don't know what and how to write to them. Below we will present some tips for writing business letters in case you are one of those entrepreneurs who wants to communicate with their clients and have no idea how to do it.

business presentation letter

The first and most important thing you have to understand is that the business letter preparation It will allow you to establish a quick contact and obtain the best results, for this you need to arouse the interest of your reader or potential client. Remember that everything you say or don't say can be taken as a point in your favor or a point against so that they finally contact you with the aim of establishing a business relationship and are willing to buy.

Structure of the Commercial Presentation Letter

To prepare a business letter with style you should write it following the following guidelines in terms of its structure:

1.- Heading that contains the letterhead, place, date to whom it is addressed and a friendly greeting.
2.- Body, must contain the objective of your communication.
3.- Closing, the one where you express your gratitude and say goodbye, including your name and your signature.
Below we will present a brief example of a business letter so that you can take it into account when writing yours:

Letterhead, City and date

Mr. Alvaro Altuve
Purchasing manager

You receive a warm greeting. I am writing to you on behalf of Comercializadora Tres Estrellas in order to offer you our most recent assortment of products imported from Mexico in order to supply your important store located in Guadalajara.
We can offer you a detailed inventory, with variety, quality and very good prices that can leave significant profit margins for your business.
We would love to visit you to present you with a sample of all the products we sell and offer you a welcome package as a customer in which you will have extraordinary benefits.
We thank you very much for the attention provided and we look forward to your prompt communication to schedule our appointment and offer you what has been agreed.

Without further ado, I say goodbye to you, hoping to be able to serve you as you deserve.
Javier Calcano

commercial distributor
Three Star Marketer

I hope this one sample letter to guide you in writing of your next business letter, remember to emphasize the wording, spelling, style so that the first impression you make is a success and you can establish a long-term business relationship. You may also be interested in see a sample cover letter for a company.

Do not despair even when writing is not your forte, you can ask for support or advice from other professionals or entrepreneurs like you, always reading the letter several times and several different people can serve to improve and correct the style and achieve an impactful result.

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  1. Structure of the Commercial Presentation Letter

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