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It may be that you are very skilled at writing or writing, however, the time comes when we have to use our ability to write in order to contact a company, generally to offer our products and services or the products and services of a client or the company in which we work.

Ready in front of the computer, we may go around a few times trying to start and break the initial ice without forgetting that We must be short, concise and specific when communicating our ideas Since our client does not have time to lose and we need our message to be clear and invite the action that is required, whether it is to publicize the company, sell or publicize a new product, we must be very clear about the objective.

There is also a tendency to start writing our communication as if it were a personal letter and it is true that many people are confused as to what exactly a letter is. "business letter" and what is it difference from a "personal letter".

This is an important thing to know as there are different formats/layouts for business letters and personal letters. Depending on the situation, a letter can be printed on any personal or business stationery.

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The format of the cover letter

Below are some guidelines that we suggest when deciding whether to use a business format (stationery) or a personal format.

Use Business Format / Stationery when:

It is a business letter when used to formalize business discussions. that you have already had with the recipient and the main purpose of your letter is to confirm the content of those conversations.

You are writing on behalf of an organization as a representative or officer of that company.

To write on paper with company identification it is recommended to use justified text and a clean font (nothing fancy) and with a good size, it can be the arial font in size 12 and very important, you should check it before sending that it does not have any type of spelling error.

Regarding the text we recommend the following scheme to follow:
1. Header : You must use the letterhead, indicate the city, date, to whom it is addressed and a greeting.
2. Content : clearly express what the objective of the communication is, it is important to be precise and not redundant.
3. Farewell : We must thank the attention that was given to our communication and say goodbye with courtesy, always indicating who the author of the letter is and signing it.

Here is a brief business letter template so you can guide yourself:
Letterhead with company logo and address

sample letter

Mr. Carlos Castro.
General manager.

Receive a cordial greeting, the reason for this communication is to introduce you to our graphic arts company, so that you can count on a highly professional team for the execution of your commercial projects from now on.
Likewise, we want to take the opportunity to offer you a visit from one of our advisors with the aim of presenting our portfolio and at the same time supporting you in any specific need in terms of the design and printing of your advertising material.
Without another particular, we say goodbye to you, thanking you for your willingness to attend to this letter and give us an appointment for the visit of our adviser. We await your prompt communication.

Angel Rebolledo
Sales department
Intergraphics C.A

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