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When you're excited about a company, you may want to apply for several different positions there. But as a job seeker, you may be worried about the impression you get. Does it seem desperate? Well, that depends.

Below is information on when applying for multiple jobs at one company is a good idea. Also, view a sample cover letter for applying for multiple jobs within the same company.

Should you apply for multiple jobs at one company?

Applying for different positions in a company works if you are truly qualified for the positions you are applying for. If you are a strong candidate for all positions, it makes sense to apply.

Another factor to consider is the size of the company. If it's a large company, chances are you won't get the same hiring manager reviewing every application. Therefore, there is nothing wrong with applying for multiple jobs.

Most importantly, even if you're applying for multiple positions at one company, try to limit yourself and be realistic. Applying for two or three positions that you qualify for is acceptable, but submitting your resume for each of the listed positions can be a turnoff.

Some people recommend applying for one job at a time, and if you don't get a response and some time has passed, apply for another position later. However, there is a chance that the jobs will be gone by the time you are ready to apply again. You will have to weigh the risks.

Tips for writing a cover letter for two jobs in a company

When applying for two or more jobs at a company, you will typically submit separate resumes and cover letters for each job. Each resume and cover letter should be tailored to the specific job listing. For each job application, include keywords related to the specific job.

However, if you can only submit one job application to the company, or the two jobs are in the same department and are similar, you may want to consider writing one cover letter for two or more jobs.

When doing this, you should keep a few things in mind:

  1. Go to the right person. Since you are submitting your cover letter to two jobs, two separate people could be looking at the cover letter. In your greeting, be sure to address everyone who will be reading your cover letter (or use a general phrase like "To Whom It May Concern"). This way, it won't seem like you're emphasizing your interest in one job over the other.
  2. State your qualifications for both jobs. Be sure to explain why you are qualified for both jobs. Consider writing one paragraph mentioning your skills and experiences for one job, and another paragraph for the other job. Another option (if the two jobs are related) is to list your skills and experience that apply to both jobs.
  3. Express enthusiasm for the company. Clearly state your interest in the company, so hiring managers understand your interest. Perhaps include a paragraph stating why you think you are a good fit for the company as a whole. Include keywords from the company website in this paragraph. Also emphasize how you can benefit the company; Explain that you hope to add value to the company in any of these jobs.

Sample cover letter applying for two jobs

Dear Mr. Martinez:

Your IT department has advertised two job openings for which my experience directly qualifies me. My background in nuclear power would translate well to the chemical industry. Both industries endure extreme regulatory pressure for environmental impact. I am very knowledgeable and familiar with this type of regulatory environment and I recognize how important IT is to the record keeping that is necessary to handle that type of control.

My IT background gives me a unique ability to apply technology, in all its forms, to business processes. Some of the business process knowledge includes accounting, finance, facilities, inventory control, budgeting, vendor management, and various operational processes.

I have experience in merger/acquisition events, high growth challenges, technology replacement projects, and IT process improvement. I have delivered large technology projects on time / on budget and in line with business strategy. Companies I have worked for include Dakil Energy, Hoppy Rent a Car, Digit Equipment and Miners Gas and Electric.

I would enjoy the opportunity to speak with you or someone in your organization to see where my skill set would be of greatest benefit to your company. I know it could be a great asset to your department.




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