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The authorization letters for procedures are used in public and private financial entities to keep track of all the authorizations that are carried out in the entity. An authorization letter can be extended for legal procedures, budget procedures or any other type of procedure.

Letters of authorization are generally created by assistant managers and must bear the signature of the general manager or the signature of the person in charge so that it has a proper value. Next we will show you the easy way how you can create a Letter of Authorization The example that we will show below can be used in most of the office sector, although you can modify the letter according to your needs.

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I:___________________ in charge of the department of:_____________ authorize Mr.:______________________ ID:_______________ to enter the day:___________ of the month:___________ of the year:_____________ at the time:_____ this as reasons for:_________________________ being registered the late entry authorization in the minute book with the code:__________________.

Do not open any reduction in the payment, this is authorized by the manager and/or person in charge of the company, Mr.:______________________ on the day: ________ of the month: ___________ of the year: _____________ at the time: __________.

_________________ ________________

Worker signature General Management

Remember that you can add or delete parts of the aforementioned authorization, it is important that all the data regarding the authorization is duly recorded in the authorization, as well as the time and date, in the same way if there is a special note such as the payment of the hours or non-payment of the missing hours, note who makes the authorization and then the form of the person who gives said authorization.

This may change depending on company policies as well as if they work with ISO 9000 or any other business management system.

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