Farewell letter to a mother

Farewell letter to a mother: Today there are many farewell letters to a mother since there are many reasons why we can say goodbye to our mother for example; we leave home, she separates from us, our mother dies, she goes to another country, etc.

The ways to express the pain we feel for such a heartbreaking separation, since the person who is leaving is our mother, makes us suggest that the letter does not have to be so difficult to be written simply and simply, we must make clear all our feelings and to make him see the regret of his departure.

sample farewell letter to a mother

And one of the ways in which this farewell letter to a mother could be written could be like this, putting as model or example to a deceased mother:

Sample letter (Example):

Mother, many days have passed since you left and for me and my family it is being very difficult to get over your departure, it is very difficult to repress this feeling that I have towards you for your departure.

Every time remembering you is very painful for me since you are the most tender and beautiful being that I had and you are gone, but rest assured, mother, that wherever you are, God will be happy to have a beautiful angel like you in his presence.
My goodness, how I would like to be a magician and be able to revive you so that I can tell you that I love you very much again as I always did, I would like this to be a nightmare and when I open my eyes again to be able to see you again, I still cannot digest this dirty trick that Life is playing without your presence mother, it is as if I were dying every moment for every hour that you are not here with me.

I hope that God has a special place among so many mother stars.

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  1. Sample letter (Example):

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