Birthday letter to my dad: Short examples

Birthday is a special day to express the feelings to the father. Through a simple but sincere message, more things can be said than thousands of words. Letters are a practical format for expressing important reasons in a few words, which it might be hard for us to say, but we keep with us deeply and feel that it is very necessary to communicate. Through some examples that we will show below, you can wish your father a happy birthday, in a genuine and more meaningful way than with other types of more expensive gifts.

Example 1

I thought of writing this letter to you, to put into words and bring back from memory many happy moments, and some sad, but valuable ones, because we were always together. All these experiences became over the years a prism of memories that I will always carry with me and that make up who I am. From here I can realize the effort, dedication and love you put into showing me the way. I can say that I feel lucky that you are my father and I hope that it continues to be so for many more years.

I wish you a happy birthday and I say thank you, thank you for what you gave me and for who I am. With love, your son or daughter!

Example 2

Today we will celebrate the date you came into the world, where your story begins and therefore mine too. It is a date that fills the world with joy and light, an emotional date that celebrates life. It makes me think of how lucky I am to have you as a parent, how you've worked for me, and how happy you've made my life. If I am someone who is grateful, it is only because you have given me so much. Thank you for your effort, for your love, for not hesitating, for your bet with me.

I wish you a happy birthday and I wish for me, for us, to have you for many more years. I love you so much dad!

Example 3

Congratulations, dad!

Today is a day of celebration, a special day, this is your day! For this reason, I want to write you this letter of love and congratulations. I believe that a few words of love are better than any self-respecting material gift, this is what you have taught me over the years and I have experienced it little by little.

There is nothing better than a kiss, a hug, an I love you, a conversation, a shared dream... I want to convey all this in these humble words on paper. My goal is to congratulate you, not only for Father's Day or your birthday, but for many other things. Congratulations on being the best dad in the world, congratulations on making me who I am today, congratulations on inspiring me to keep going no matter how hard the road may be, congratulations on being an example to me and everyone around you.

Congratulations for being so real, so kind, so optimistic...

Happy day, happy life, dad!

Some tips for writing a birthday letter to Dad

  • It is not important that a letter is long or short. What matters is the quality and the truths contained in what it communicates.
  • Begin by expressing what comes to mind, even if you are referring to very different and distant things in time, because the idea is not to recall all of your history.
  • In case you don't feel inspired, try to remember important moments, even if they are not ideal.
  • The two examples given above allude in a very general way to certain important points common to most children and parents.
  • We recommend that you use each of the general points exposed as a guide, and replace them with your personal experience, already in a more detailed way.
  • If other important points occur to you, add them, if some of the above do not apply to your case, delete them.
  • Focus on what is good for you and your life, the existence of your father and the relationship you have, without having to take stock.
  • Do not despise any of the aspects that you consider positive, because in life nothing is black or white, and what we think is not exceptional can be deeper than what is seen and tends to be very important.
  • Also, don't try to magnify what you think is good too much, or make your letter sound like a fairy tale, it will only make it sound false and superficial.
  • It is enough that your letter has a positive approach, if it is done carefully and is sincere, this will be enough to strike a chord with anyone, as much as possible.

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