Collective dismissal letter template

In this post we will see the example of a collective dismissal letter, which happens when a group of people who work together are fired in a company. We will help you create it, follow the steps so that it has all the important data and that you do not miss any of it.

Next, we will proceed to write a collective dismissal letter, making brief tags for clarifications and explanations that we believe are necessary for its creation.

model collective dismissal letter

Sample collective dismissal letter

Data of the company that dismisses:

Position of the person writing the letter:

Relevant company data:

TO THE PROVINCIAL ADDRESS OF (Corresponding site according to dismissal).

Mr./Mrs. (Name of the person laying off) in the name and representation of the commercial entity (Name of the company from which the layoff is made) certify by means of a copy of the power of attorney issued for that purpose, with summons in (Name of the company, place where it is located, contact telephone number and other important information of the entity) I appear and as best proceed in Law I SAY:

That as a consequence of (In this section we proceed to explain the reasons for which a collective dismissal is carried out, explaining clearly and concisely the reason for the act) and therefore I request that the termination of the employment contracts of the entire template.

(If applicable:)

This document is attached and for evidentiary purposes:

------ (Accredited documents are described below by which the collective dismissal is carried out).

In view of the foregoing:

I request this provincial office that once all of the above has been stated, together with the supporting documents that accompany it, it authorizes the termination of the employment contracts of the entire workforce.


(Signature and company's stamp)

With this we hope we have helped you with the previous model described.

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