In marriage It is very important to make our partner see that we are looking out for him and what better than with a birthday letter from a husband, birthday is one of the best moments to express our feelings through a letter and remind him how happy we are with him, in addition to saying happy birthday we can complement it with a love theme, in which we talk about how much we love him and By the way, thank you for your understanding and affection during all the time you have been together.

A letter to a husband It can be an informal letter but maintaining excellent spelling and drama, for them we have created a sample letter that you can use as a basis to create a personalized letter on their birthday.

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Example of a birthday letter from a Husband

Dear: ___________________ in all this time together you have always been a beautiful person I understand that you have your flaws like all human beings but you are really special to me, I want to tell you through this letter HAPPY BIRTHDAYI hope you have many more birthdays, that you enjoy excellent health and even better that we can be together for many years because I love you very much and I really enjoy your company. You are special!

In this letter the lines would not reach me to say thank you for all these years together and that with each passing day I see you more handsome, today on your birthday I wish you the best in the world that God fills you with blessings and remember that although in the life there is adversity we are always capable of solving problems, plus I will always be by your side to advise and support you HAPPY BIRTHDAY You are a really special person and I love you very much. You are the best thing that has happened to me in my life.

I hope that God and life bless you with many more years.

Sincerely: ________________

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  1. Example of a birthday letter from a Husband

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