Letters to my grandson on his birthday: Nice examples

Grandparents love to pamper their grandchildren. These types of relationships are usually based on mutual affection, since we are talking about our children's children, but from a distance where there is room for affection, advice and understanding, without having to directly introduce certain demands or discipline, because This is what the parents are for. A letter is an excellent way to express affection and advice to our grandchildren, who are never too much. Here are a couple of examples that can serve as a guide or inspiration:

Example 1

I am writing this letter to serve as a testimony, you can read it in the future and always have in your memories how much your grandmother loved you. I was there from the beginning and I was able to see your first smile, your first tooth, your pretty face and all the tenderness you aroused, among many other things you don't remember.

I was able to see you grow from the first day, your sympathy and your intense desire to integrate into the world of the elderly, how you were always with us, provoking and receiving our affection. I held you in my arms, I gave you the bottle, and I confess that they were just as exciting experiences as the first time, or maybe more!

Time has passed and you have become much more independent, you make me proud of how great you are, and my day brightens every time I find out that you come to visit me.

I am proud of you and your parents, to see that they have become wonderful people. I have an intense desire to see for many more years, how the family continues to grow.

I only advise you to trace your own path and never stop trying to love and care for your loved ones, because despite all the changes and turns that life gives, affection is the most necessary thing and what lasts. I was young, I had ambitions, many times I did very well and others not so well, but looking at it from here, what gives me the most joy and meaning in my life is my family.

I know that you will be surrounded by wonderful people in the future, and that a wonderful future awaits you. I only advise you to enjoy life, and keep in mind the responsibilities to yourself and those around you, because this is the only way for happiness to last.

I don't know if you can imagine how excited I am to know the beautiful moments that await you, and how much your grandmother loves you. Today you turn one more year, and it never ceases to impress me how fast you go, how life goes, I wish you a happy birthday, today and always, never forget it, with all my love, your grandmother.

Example 2

Today is a happy and special day because you celebrate another year of life. This makes me think about how fast you've grown and how time flies. I have written this letter with the future in mind, so that you can remember me, and I will take the opportunity to talk a little about the past. I can clearly remember the time when your parents got together and when you came to the family.

It causes me immense joy to think of your smiling face, and it gives me well-being and satisfaction to remember when I have carried you in my arms. You are so similar to your father, you have his eyes, his mouth, certain gestures and ways that I could not describe, but I know very well that they are his. It causes me great emotion to think of everything that awaits you, the most beautiful thing in life still awaits you.

I wish that we have many years together, to see you grow and be by your side, supporting you in everything you need. I wish you enjoy your whole family for many more years. And when I am no longer by your side, you can read this letter and know that wherever she is, she wishes you a happy birthday, she loves you with all her heart, your grandmother!

Some comments

Grandparents are usually a central figure in the lives of children, whom they remember with great affection, as those people who supported them and advised them from the heart, and who were especially understanding and patient when others could not. For this reason, it is important to mention and record the affection we feel towards our grandchildren, so that our words, our desires and common memories accompany them for many years, even when we are no longer here.

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