Invitation letter template for a BABY SHOWER

There are many people who in the century in which we live are taking American customs. Among them, the baby shower celebration of their next children. Today we want to show you two simple models of invitation letters that you can take into account when you want to celebrate your baby shower.

The two models that we have chosen are different, simple, simple and at the same time fun and unique. We hope to help you with them and ensure that the realization of the invitations for your party you get to do them faster and avoiding headaches.

baby shower invitation

Invitation letter template for a BABY SHOWER

(We have chosen it for its simplicity and simplicity, but we think it is totally correct for your invitation) -

''A little angel named (child's name) is finishing preparing to bless us and illuminate our home, so we invite you to celebrate this event on (Date, time and place of the event).

We count on your presence to toast this miracle, the fruit of our love.''

In life one goes through many things, good and bad; It passes many tests, we face various obstacles, and we strive to always be better. In that daily struggle one finds his motivation, that something for which we fight, for which we want to reach the highest peak and touch the sky, that reason that lifts you up every time you fall and pushes you to get ahead...

For this reason, we (name of the baby's father and mother) want to share this bit of happiness that we have achieved with everyone, we want to be able to transmit the joy and satisfaction that makes us happy every day, and of course, that you be happy also enjoying each of the steps that (name of the child) takes.

We hope you attend our baby shower without thinking about it and with the biggest smile in the world.

we love you ''

Example of a simple letter to invite a BabyShower

Simpler than the previous one but much more concise


On (Event Date) is my baby shower.

My parents and I will be waiting for you. Since we don't all enter my crib, we will wait for you at (name of the place where the event will be held) which is located at (necessary data of the place of the celebration). It has no loss, so we do not accept pious excuses. See you at the indicated place at (event time).

Do not miss! I promise to behave very well!

The baby

We hope you like these two invitation models and that they have given you a hand with the organization of your event.

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