Letter of invitation to the USA

Entering countries like the US as a tourist or because you have relatives in that country is somewhat difficult due to the rules that have been adapted by the American government. One of the primary requirements is a letter of invitation from the person residing in the North American country, it must also be presented to the embassy or migration ministry. In it previous post We will tell you about the case of Spain.

invitation to the united states

Example of invitation letter to the USA

I _____________ bearer of DNI number ____________ with the date of birth _______ in the city of ____________ express my full interest in inviting to my country Mr. (a) _________________________ bearer of the passport: ___________________ resident of the country _____________________.

The reason for the visit will be for a vacation purpose for a period of days of: _____. Which will be from: ___________.

Mr.(a):__________________ is a person without legal problems in his country, in addition, the intention to visit me will adhere to the policy of the United States Parliament and the anti-terrorist control regulations, in the same way this person is working in his country, in the company: ______________ with the telephone number: ____________________.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me, I will be very willing to provide you with any other information that is necessary for the entry authorization for this person who is outside the American country.

Kind regards: ______________.

Remember that for enter the country of the United StatesIn addition to a letter and passport, you will also need to go through the process to obtain an American visa, otherwise you will not be able to legally enter that country. You should also take into account that your work and family situation must be stable, otherwise they will not allow you the visa, since it can be interpreted as a person who wants to stay in that country illegally.

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