Invitation letter format for a BAPTISM

And since people continue to have babies, since that is something that never goes out of style, today we will give you a hand with the invitations for the baptism of our little one. we will put two invitation templates with the certainty of hitting one and that you like to use it in our invitation.

As always, we choose simple, simple and pleasant models that we think they like and that break the usual schemes, of the basic invitations of a lifetime, with the aim of surprising and being original in these moments of life, they are also designed for audiences of all kinds, be it family, friends or acquaintances.

Model number 1 of invitation letter to a BAPTISM

God has blessed us with a beautiful girl/boy sent from heaven.

(Name of the boy/girl)

Let's all get together to celebrate his birth and baptism, with joy and happiness.

The ceremony will take place (Date, time and place of the baptism celebration).

We would like to count on each and every one of you so that our little one does not lack anything or anyone on one of his big days.

We are waiting for you and we ask you to confirm us as soon as possible.

(Name of parents and contact telephone numbers)

(Name of godparents)

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Model number 2 (Optional to change the text)

(Parents name)

We want to invite you to the baptism of our daughter.

(Child's name)

The celebration will take place at (Date, time and place of the baptism celebration), and the subsequent lunch will be served at (Name of the place).

S.R.C: (Contact number)

We look forward to seeing you with great joy.

We hope you like the chosen models and have taken a little work off your shoulders, since the most important thing is the celebration, and not the pre-stress of organizing the child's christening.

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  1. Model number 1 of invitation letter to a BAPTISM
  2. Model number 2 (Optional to change the text)

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