Letters to DECLARATE: You will surely fall in love with this letter for the rest of your life!

Love letters to declare oneself can be one of the most complicated, since we must express all our feelings, without knowing exactly what the other person's feelings are towards us. For this reason we have brought today a series of tips that will help you create your letter for the statement and we also have two models from which you can be inspired, one quite extensive and one shorter and more precise, choose the inspiration according to your personality and tastes.

Letters to declare

Tips for making letters to declare yourself

1-. It is important that you keep in mind that beauty is not the same for everyone. You must take into account the time to write the letter and you should always take into account the tastes of the person who will receive it.

Models of short letters for lovers.

2-. A beautiful love letter can include everything, promises, verses, romance, but it can also be simple and tender words.

3-. Highlight the things you like most about that person and what made you come to fall in love with her or him.

4-. Include in your love letter, some plans that excite him and that he feels attached to you with them.

5-. The decoration of your letter is very important, unless you send it in a classic format. If you want to decorate it, make sure it is based on the tastes of the person you are writing to.

6-. Remember that the most beautiful words are those that come from our hearts, do not write pompously and above all do not copy a letter from someone else. It is important that your letter is completely unique, that it is like the letters for long distance lovers.

Model letters to declare

As we told you at the beginning of this letter, we have brought two models for you, the first will be a fairly extensive letter and the second is somewhat more concise; you must choose the one that best suits your personality by time to express what you feel.

Model se letter 1


A long time ago, to be more exact, since I met you I felt something that I had never felt before and from there I knew that you would always be someone special in my life.

I know this letter will surprise you or maybe not. Because it may be that you have realized that I am more interested in you than usual and all this is due to a single reason and that is that I am falling more in love with you every day.

I know that we get along wonderfully, you can't imagine how I get up every day just imagining that I will be able to see you because I know that it will brighten my day. With you I can't stop laughing and with you I learned to open my heart even to tell you things that no one else has told and that with your help I have learned to overcome.

You will say, when did it happen? I think that from the first day, when I met you, you seemed to me the sweetest girl in the universe, but that in addition to your sweetness you were so genuine, so you, without masks and rather with a lot of frankness. I fell in love with you because even to show my mistakes you told me so kindly and with so much patience that you managed to change my mood or discomfort in just a few seconds.

I fell in love with your way of being, with your smile, when you sang romantic songs very out of tune (but for me your voice is the sweetest) and I took advantage of making them my own so that every time I heard them I would think only of you.

I fell in love because I feel that you complement me, because no one but you knows how to understand me, because no one but you knows how to brighten up my days, because I got used to that last call of the day to wish us good night and tell us how much we love each other.

Today, at this moment, despite the confidence that I have in you, I prefer to write to you so that you know how much I love you and above all how much I am in love with you, but I do it through this medium because I fear that for you it will only be a beautiful friendship and worse I'm still afraid that with this confession I could even lose your friendship, but I have to risk it because I can't take it anymore.

So I only have to ask you something… Do you want to be my girlfriend? My question is small for such a long letter and I hope and pray to God that your answer is even shorter than my question and that you give me the YES that I sincerely hope.

Today I can no longer say goodbye saying that I love you, today after my declaration of love I can only say goodbye saying...


sample letter 2

My dear,

We have been friends for so long, but something happened, something changed inside my heart and I know something changed inside yours too. Things started to evolve when we spent that weekend of adventures in the mountains.

For this reason, I have taken the time, with a horrible fear of losing your friendship, to confess to you that I am completely in love with you and that there is not a person in the world who makes me feel as you do.

Would you like to go out with me and at some point become my adventure partner?

Yours, John.

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