Letter to my husband's lover

On this occasion youA regular visitor to the site shares a letter for her husband's loverVery clear words to this person who can surely read this letter. In it, it is also made clear that although it is for her, the letter is also intended for all women who may be in a similar situation to hers...

letter to my husband's lover

To my husband's lover: I want to make some things clear, it is not for you that I am writing but for the millions of women who have gone through this where anger and pride lead us to make decisions that end up being more harmful to us, the WIVES than for you or our respective husbands, a newbie in marriage tells you that she hopes to learn as quickly as possible by listening to the advice of veterans to avoid some tasteless things. I am not writing to complain because humanity has lost the desire to be nourished by values, the populace to which you belong no longer knows honor or respect for what belongs to others, and it is that I cannot complain to someone who respects others if they do not even know respect yourself. It is unfortunate to see in other people how they are satisfied with the little crumbs that they can give them. It doesn't matter what you want to make me see your existence, I know you're there just like you, many more, that position is occupied by different faces, personalities or bodies that come and go, don't think you're unique. However, the only position of wife is occupied by me, you will already know which position you occupy. And I inform you, it is you who they hide from me. If my husband, as well as all men, for reasons of ego, likes variety and feeling like a hunter of any prey that can be loin or simple skin, it is only part of his nature but it is not important, so do not feel flattered. As for my family, my son specifically, I appreciate that you keep your dirty intentions in even mentioning him, thinking about him or naming him, much less placing your disgusting likes on his innocent and angelic photos because your mind, lacking in sensible thoughts, does not give you a glimmer of What should be the behavior of an honest woman. At my young age I am already a lady, a title that is difficult for you to obtain one day, I will always in one way or another solve the problems with my husband because he is the father of my children and I fight to give my ancestors a home. Little gels, what a sad life yours is that you fight to destroy others to give joy to your life full of vanity.

Att: Mother, Wife and Lady.

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