Letters to my favorite cousin: Inspiring examples

Cousins ​​can be as close to us as siblings, or even closer. Sometimes we don't have siblings or they are not our siblings, the ones that grow closer to us, the closest in age. Writing a letter where supposed values ​​and feelings are expressed is never too much.

Because in this effort we take the opportunity to say things that can be thought but have never come out of our mouths, to delve into them and even give our perspective on a common feeling, which can be a necessary complement that helps to understand and clarify complex things. In addition, it is a very appreciable gesture, which not everyone is given to and can be unexpectedly pleasant. Here are a couple of examples of letters to write to our favorite cousin:

Sample letters for the favorite cousin

Example 1

You have been present in my life from the beginning, we have been accomplices in countless experiences, and in difficult moments you have been unconditional. In addition to a sister, you have been a true friend, in fact, with you I learned the meaning of friendship.

Always count on me for anything, even when you don't know who to trust, and of course, never stop thinking about me when there's a party.

Things have also been tense between us many times, because we are people of a special character, but this does not change the love and admiration I feel for you at all, and I am aware, for your demonstrations that you think alike.

You are one of the few people I have really gotten to know and I have absolute confidence in you. When I feel scared or in trouble, I always think of telling you first.

I am deeply grateful to life and I always carry with me pleasant memories of our laughter and madness, for being together in the situations in which we have been involved. I only ask that things continue like this for a long time, that you be by my side and be able to be by your side to experience everything that awaits us. Far or near, I always think of you. In good times and in bad times you are the first with whom I want to share everything.

Wherever we meet tomorrow, near or far, there will always be a part of you inside me, I will always take you with me and I will be happy to have lived so long, together with such a wonderful person, who is more than a cousin, a sister.

Beyond all these words and any precision I want to make, what I feel for you is inexplicable, maybe this is just an excuse to tell you that, your cousin loves you.

Example 2

Just like our siblings or even more, our cousins ​​can become our best friends and the closest people we have in the world. That's why I thought of writing you this letter. I think that's exactly our case and I just thought of greeting you and telling you that you are one of the most special people in my life.

We have always been very close and I think it is due to the connection that exists between us. We are very different people, but we always find a way to complement each other and be better together than separately.

I feel immense affection for you and I think you are the funniest and most sincere person I know. You are an exceptional friend, thanks to whom I have learned the true meaning of friendship. You are also a very intelligent person and when I find myself in trouble I always seek your advice. You have helped me many times and I want to take this opportunity to say that whenever you need me you will have me by your side.

I also want to thank you for everything and I hope we have a lot to live together. I ask life that you can achieve all your goals, and that you always have a space for me in your life, that you be very happy and that you allow me to be close to see you. He loves you with all his heart, your cousin.

Example 3 of a letter for a cousin

Hi cousin!

I hope all is well with you and your family. I'm sorry we haven't been in touch more, but life has been very busy. I'm sure you can understand.

Anyway, the other day I was thinking about you and I wanted to write you a letter. I don't know if you still write letters, but I thought it would be nice to send you one.

I miss knowing what's going on in your life. I feel like we used to be so close when we were younger, and I hate that we've grown apart. I know we don't live in the same place anymore and it's harder to keep in touch, but I really want to try.

Sorry if this letter seems a bit random, but I just wanted to let you know that I'm thinking of you. I hope to hear from you soon.


Your cousin

Letter to a cousin we haven't seen for a long time

Hi cousin!

We hadn't talked in a while, and I wanted to drop by to see how you're doing. I've been thinking about you a lot lately, and I hope you're doing well.

I know we don't always agree on everything, but I love you and I care about you. I hope we can keep in touch and stay connected, even if we're not always on the same page.

I'm here for you if you ever need to talk, and I hope you know that. I miss you and hope to see you soon.


Your cousin

Informal letter for a cousin that we love very much

Hey cousin!

I hope everything will be right with you. I'm sorry I haven't been in touch lately, but I've been very busy. Anyway, I wanted to write you a letter and update myself on what happened to you.

How are things going? what have you done I know you've been very busy with work and school, but I hope you were able to find some time to relax and have some fun too. I know I've been pretty busy lately, but I've made sure to take some time for myself here and there.

I am very excited for the upcoming holidays. I know we always had a lot of fun together when we were younger, and I hope we can continue to meet and have fun this year. Do you have any plans for the holidays? I'm sure you're very busy, but I hope we can find time to catch up.

Anyway, I just wanted to say hello and let you know that I'm thinking of you. I hope to hear from you soon.


Your cousin

The importance of a letter

Many times time and circumstances take us away from the people we love the most and who are most important in our lives. It is also true that this can be inevitable for long periods or even indefinitely, since everyone has to follow their path and not necessarily so close to theirs.

For this reason, perhaps a letter is a way of recording what we think and feel about the people we love the most, a good way for them to constantly remember it and always keep it in mind.

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