Practical MOTIVATION Letter

Practical motivation letter: This is a letter that its purpose is to let a certain institution know the interest it has in perform practices within it, work practices that are required by the university where you study and calls as social hours.

In the practical motivation letter Emphasis must be placed on what the applicant is studying and in a very polite and serious way, raise the situation about wanting to do the internship within the institution.

motivation letter

This type of internship is carried out a lot both by private and government companies and you have to be very aware of how these institutions request work internships for students, the way in which the subject is presented has to be very objective and concise as well as its spelling. and your score.

Example of practical motivation letter:

San Salvador, March 13, 2014.
Carlos Antonio Fuentes Guevara
Col. Guadalupe, calle la reforma, house No9
Soyapango, San Salvador.
alcatel from el salvador
Dept. From Human Resources
Lic. Guillermo Chavarria.

Through this letter, Carlos Antonio Fuentes Guevara, a student at the Technological University of El Salvador, in the area of ​​electrical engineering, I present myself to you with the desire that you may allow me to do the practical hours that the university requires of me in your company.

As you know, the university demands practical hours from me and what better way than your company to put my theoretical and practical knowledge, to develop everything I have learned in my long career in electrical engineering.

For this reason, I hope that your company approves me to be able to practice my knowledge in your company and thus be able to successfully complete my studies.

I say goodbye to you at the same time wishing professional success.

Carlos Antonio sources Guevara.

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