SCHOLARSHIP motivation letter template

Scholarship motivation letter model: To request a letter that is aimed at applying for a scholarship, its wording must be very important since its objective is to demonstrate that one is qualified for the scholarship that is being requested, the points that must be carry the SCHOLARSHIP motivation letter are:

• In the first place, spelling and grammar are essentially important, since if spelling and punctuation mistakes are left, it will be implied that due attention is not paid when writing the document.
• It must be decisive in the sense that it has to be very objective in what you want to achieve.
• The presentation is very important since there goes the heading as well as in the Erasmus motivation letter or in the practical motivation letter.
• The order that you have to carry said letter the same.

scholarship motivation letter


Motivation letter SCHOLARSHIPS

San Salvador, January 10, 2014
Student: Jose Menendez
Las Palmas College.
San Salvador, Ilopango.

Dear student:

We are pleased to greet you and at the same time congratulate you on your academic performance this past year, being one of the most outstanding students of our institution.

The performance obtained in your studies at our institution shows us that you have a future ahead of you, to be a successful professional in your academic life.

That is why our institution invites you to motivate you so that you can participate in many scholarships that many institutions are bidding for, where they will be interested in you studying at their institutions.

Hoping for many successes, he says goodbye to you:

Jesus Armando Contreras.
Director of Las Palmas School

This is a example very objective and concise of what can be a scholarship motivation letterAs we can see, it is very clear and has a very systematized order, hoping it can be of great use to you.

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