Motivation letter MASTER - Tips and examples

A teacher motivation letter It is for that person who wants to study a postgraduate study in an institution and you want to send a motivation letter MASTER to this one, so that they see the desire for improvement that this person feels, in such a way that the institution sends the invitation to study what he wants.

This should explain the reasons you have for wanting study postgraduateIn addition to the language, the grammar to be used has to be serious and educated. Also if it is possible to include academic successes but from a modest point of view.

In this motivational letter it is good to mention the depth of the training processes you have had, always attached to what you want to study, as well as being able to present the points or skills of the person applying for the postgraduate or master's degree.

Nowadays it is very common for European universities offering different international master programs to request applicants to send a series of important documents such as: resume, transcript of records, bachelor's degree diploma, language certificate, etc.

However, one of the key documents required, which could make all the difference and secure you a place in the master's program you want, is the motivation letter.

The motivation letter (or cover letter) is probably the most personalized document in your application, considering that you actually have the chance to write a presentation about yourself.

By applying for a motivation letter, Master's recruitment committee offers you the opportunity to prove yourself with a short document in the form of a letter in which you are supposed to give some relevant and interesting insights about yourself, and demonstrate that you are the right and most motivated person to be chosen for the program.

Writing such a letter can sometimes be difficult and challenging for some applicants, who often wonder what the letter should look like, what it should contain, and how to convince the coordinators that they are the right ones to be chosen for the program. .

For a start...

Before you start with your motivation letter, it is best to find out as much as possible about the university that offers the master's program and about the program itself. Usually, the website of the universities is quite clear and informative about their requirements, expectations and about the qualifications and qualities that they expect their candidates to have.

Knowing a little about their requirements, their main projects, their activities, their personal philosophy and their interests will help you to have an idea of ​​what your letter should contain. Relating to the main activities and interests of the university will definitely help start a positive cooperation.

Focus on ideas and main points

Start by writing down some of the main ideas, the important points that you would like to make in your letter and then cover them up, then enrich your content. An example would be:

  • Make your objective clear: provide a brief preview of the rest of the letter;
  • Why do you think the university and the master's program are interesting and suitable for you?
  • Focus on some of your strongest qualifications, past experiences (international experiences are always relevant) and qualities; organize the middle paragraphs in terms of the qualifications most relevant to the programme, and you can also refer to your CV for more details;
  • Conclude by reiterating your interest and appreciation for the opportunity to prove yourself in the letter (in some cases, you may request a personal interview).

Here is an example of what a motivation letter could be for a university where you want to do a master's degree:

Examples Master's letter of motivation:

San Salvador, March 11, 2014
Lic. Jorge Hernandez.
Res. Santa Elena, calle san Blas No. 34, san salvador.
Phone: 22787654
Cell.: 78765658

Ms. María José de Guzmán
Dean of law school
el salvador university
San Salvador.

Objective: the candidacy to the Postgraduate or Master of Law

Dear Mrs.: María José de Guzmán:
Having already finished my studies at the University of El Salvador in the law school, I want to submit my candidacy for the postgraduate or master's degree in criminal law, which will be given at your university under your supervision.
During my studies I was very successful taking subjects related to criminal law, so I am excited about the idea of ​​being able to continue consolidating my studies and specializing in this subject.

Example of a motivation letter for a Master's degree in Computer Science

Example motivation letter administration and tourism

Example motivation letter in Political Science

Example motivation letter for Engineering

As we can see the header and the main theme are what we have focused on to develop the main thing in this motivation letter master.

Originality and personality on the menu

Give your readers an idea of ​​you, as an individual. Remember that this is a very personal document in which you are expected to show that you are different from the rest of the applicants and that your qualities, skills and qualifications make you suitable to participate in the program.

Although sometimes it can be useful to have other examples, don't copy other letters you've seen and try to be original, it will help a lot! Also, avoid bragging about yourself too much. You are not expected to present yourself as a superhero, but rather to be objective and realistic.

Professionalism and consistency

Whether it's the way your letter looks, the way it's organized and paragraph structured, the font size, the length of the letter, or even the first paragraph, the first impression always counts!

Present your letter in a professional format, style, and grammar (for example, use the same font, the same abbreviations throughout the letter, etc.). Check for any errors you can find. You can also ask your friends to take a look and see if you missed anything. This step is very important because small details make a difference.

Other important tips

It's always a good idea to ask your friends, a teacher, or someone who has already made such a request for advice. You can usually contact students who are already studying the master's program you are applying for and they can give some good advice.

However, as we mentioned above, always remember to be original and avoid copying other letters.

All of these key points can be effective in helping you write a successful motivation letter, but in the end, your personal touch and knowledge is what matters and makes the difference.

A good motivation letter will always be successful if the applicant is really interested and willing to get the desired place in the master's program of their choice. What you really need is to trust yourself and try it. And if you don't succeed the first time, keep trying, because you will!

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  1. For a start...
  2. Focus on ideas and main points
  3. Examples Master's letter of motivation:
  4. Originality and personality on the menu
  5. Professionalism and consistency
  6. Other important tips

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