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The Resident card It is a document that is usually used on several occasions, since the truth is that it is requested in carrying out a large number of procedures.

It is a formal letter that also has a certain official character, which must have some specific elements that serve to certify it as a document for legal use.

What is the residence card?

As we have briefly anticipated previously, the residence card or proof of residence is a document that is issued to demonstrate that a person resides at a specific address.

This may indicate that the person is residing within a specific state, municipality or urbanism.

Structure of the residency letter

As it is a formal letter It is important that you have certain elements so that it can be considered as such. Likewise, these letters are generally issued by private and public institutions, stating that the applicant lives in a residence or in a specific area.

The most important elements that must be taken into account in relation to its structure are the following:

  • Date of issue: It is a very important fact, since these letters must be dated so that they can have legal validity. The date must be placed at the beginning of the document, always aligned to the right.
  • Addressee: Generally, these letters are usually addressed to "whom it may concern", so that the resident can use them several times in all the procedures in which it is necessary. When applying for a residency letter for a specific recipient, the information can be used. The recipient is usually aligned to the right of the document.
  • Body of the letter: This is the section in which the residence of the named person is recorded. It must have the personal data of the person and data of the residence address, appearing in the document. A piece of information that is also usually included here is the amount of time that the resident has been living at the address specified in the document.
  • Firms: the letter of residence must generally have the signature of the interested party and the signature or signatures of the persons who are issuing the certificate. In some scenarios it may be the president of the neighborhood council or the neighborhood association. If there is not one, it can be signed by two neighbors. In some countries, this letter can be issued and signed by municipal entities, although this is not the case in all cases.

Residence letter example

To give you a better idea of ​​how simple this document is, now we are going to show you an example:

Mexico City, September 21, 2021

By means of this present letter, I, (NAME OF REPRESENTATIVE) identity card XXXXXX, president of the condominium board (NAME OF THE CONDOMINIUM), certify that (YOUR NAME), identity card XXXXX has resided in our building located at (COMPLETE ADDRESS) from 2015 to the present year.

ID number
President of the Condominium Board.

How to make a letter of residence

Previously we have highlighted the structure and some of the most important information that it must have in order for it to be considered an official letter. Likewise, there are other elements that you should pay attention to, such as the fact that use good language and follow all spelling rules to make sure it is understandable.

You should not forget the fact that it is an official document, so without a doubt all these factors are important. Some tips that you can follow when writing a letter of residence are:

  • Always add the correct date in the letter.
  • Residence data they are extremely important. For this you have to add full address of the interested party: name, street number, block, house number, building name, department, municipality, county and state.
  • Full name and identity number From applicant.
  • a correct language throughout the letter, it always has to be formal.
  • When the letter is signed by a neighborhood association, they must be registered, plus it has to include the group's seal. The same is true when dealing with a public entity.
  • The letter does not have to be very long, since the purpose of the document is only to express what is necessary: ​​confirm residence.

In which cases is the residency card used?

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, it is a card that can be used in different scenarios, among which we can highlight the following:

  • Demonstrate at which address the resident can be reached in the event of legal matters.
  • Procedures related to elections such as change of residence to be able to vote.
  • Procedures in state dependencies.
  • Procedures for applications for bank loans.

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