Proof of income letter

Specific moments can be presented in which it is necessary to demonstrate the income that has been received in a specific period of time, situations in which we have to resort to the income letter. It is a document that anyone can need.

Bearing this in mind, in this article we will give you all the information you may need about the letter of income, so that you have all the information you need on this subject.

What is a letter of income?

The letter of income is a formal document that indicates the income that a person has received. In general, it is used to be able to leave a written record where the income earned by a natural person can be observed in a determined period of time or through their salary.

It is a letter that can be issued by a company that is in charge of verifying the income of an employee, as well as this can also be done by an accountant.

Also, it should be taken into account that an individual can also issue a letter of entry on some occasions in order to demonstrate their income, something that can be quite common when the letter accompanies the scholarship application.

The structure of an income letter

Keep in mind that the letter of income always follows a predetermined structure regardless of who issues it. Among the information that cannot be missing we can highlight the following:

  • Date and place of expeditionThese data must always be added to admission letters, including the date and place where it is being issued. This data is really important to be able to legitimize the income that has been received in a certain period of time.
  • Addressee: section in which the name of the institution or company to which the income letter will be delivered must be entered. If the name of the company that is going to receive the letter is known, then it can be mentioned.
  • Income letter body: In the body of the letter all the data on the income received will be detailed. It is very important to find the monthly salary and annual salary, as well as all the extra income that has been received. It is also possible to place the modality of said income.
  • Manifest: in this section the sender will have to establish that what is being stated is true under oath to tell the truth.
  • Signature: the letter must be signed by the sender and must have his full name and identity number.

How to make an income letter

In the event that the letter of income comes from an institution or a company, then it must be written on a letterhead that serves to indicate the data of the person issuing it.

In this way the document can acquire a much more formal and official character. It must be taken into account that the income must be indicated both in numbers and letters in order to avoid any possible confusion.

In this way, the monthly or annual income that comes from constant employment or any other type of income must be detailed.

It is important to keep in mind that it is highly recommended that in addition to this letter, other annexes that are useful to verify that the information that has been presented in the letter is true is also submitted. I could try payment receipts or statements from an accountant, being able to verify the veracity of the documents.

In the specific case of students who use it to apply for a scholarship, the format is the same, with the difference of the addressee.

At what point can a letter of income be needed?

The truth is that a large number of people may require an income letter, as we have mentioned above. The truth is that, in general, it is used in the company of other documents when a application for a loan or bank credit.

The documents with which they are usually delivered can be bank loans or personal loans with the aim of buying a home or any other very expensive product, such as a car.

The letter of income can also be presented at the time of apply for a scholarship. This is delivered as one more of the documents that serve to verify that the applicant does not have sufficient income to be able to cover all the expenses of the degree or to maintain a decent quality of life.

Example of a salary income letter

Caracas, October 17, 2021

National Credit Bank
Credit and Loan Department
To whom it may concern:

By means of the present, I put on record on behalf of the COMPANY that YOUR NAME has worked in the company for a period of 6 years in the position of Technician in the Systems Department.

I declare that currently YOUR NAME receives a salary of $5,000 (five thousand) per month.

This information can be verified with the copy of the receipt of the payroll that is attached to this document.

With nothing more to add, I say goodbye and remain attentively at your disposal for any clarification that may be necessary.


AC Solutions
Human Resources

As you can see, the truth is that the income letter is not very complicated to carry out, so you really should not have any problems in this regard. In addition to that you can download models online that can be very useful to save a good amount of time.

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