Sample letter to my SON

If you are thinking of writing an affectionate letter for that son who lives far from home or in another country, this article will provide you with an example of a letter to my son which has some words that can inspire you to write a letter. personalized letter, it is important that you take into account the type of letter and add everything you want to it.

children and parents in a letter

Non-formal letter model to my SON

Dear son, we hope you are feeling very well at home, we miss you and we are looking forward to seeing you, we would like you to tell us when you can come visit us, so that we can organize a small family gathering and prepare that meal that you like so much. also to invite some of our closest friends who want to meet you. On the other hand, I would like to tell you that:

°° Space to talk about a recent event°°

To finish this letter, I would like to invite you to visit us again, remember that this will always be your home and that you will always be received in the best possible way, even though the years go by, you will always be our childJ.

On behalf of all your family, I say goodbye carefully: _________________

Remember that this is an example of a letter, and that you can change it whatever you like, since a letter is something very intimate and personalized and even more so if it is a letter for family and non-commercial purposes, you can also add some lines such as: Name of father, brothers (if any). It is also very important that you keep an excellent spelling so that the other person can understand the letter properly and there will be no misunderstandings.

If you plan to send the letter by E-mail, you can put in the header, something like "Hello Son, I hope you are well and by the way I would like to tell you that ..."

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