Example of motivation letter for ENGINEERING

A good motivation letter wins half the battle when it comes to enrolling in your dream study abroad studies. Your credentials are important, but it's also essential that you present yourself and your accomplishments to the best of your ability. Make your reasons for applying to your chosen university as clear and candid as possible to convince college representatives that accepting you is the right choice. Here's an article on how to write the perfect motivation letter and another on tips for a great mission statement.

In addition to knowing how to write your motivation letter, an example of a successful letter can be of great help before you start on your own letter. Read below the motivation letter of a prospective student applying for a Master in Biomedical Engineering:

Example of motivation letter Biomedical Engineering

Glowing devices with flashy lights ruled sci-fi fantasies during my childhood years. Later, these devices left me in awe as I slowly came to understand the physics behind their creation and the impact that electronics plays in our lives. On the other hand, I have always admired and respected doctors as they practiced an almost divine profession. Over time, when electronics came to medicine, the healthcare industry was revved up to great feats. Inventions like bionic arms, prosthetic eyes, CT scans, and others have left me stunned.

It is my dream to be part of a team that is a pioneer in rehabilitation engineering. Ever since I discovered my passion for biomedical engineering, I wanted to expand my skills in helping people who are physically handicapped or disabled by creating assistive devices for them. My last year's project was also based on the development of such an assistive device. From the years I spent studying the course, I think I like rehabilitation engineering and robotics.

[disciplina]My inner call to research and thirst to explore new avenues in the field allowed me to study for my final year project. . [Explicar proyecto]

[nombre de la institución]After absorbing what I could from the IT field, I moved to my current position at , as it helps me get closer to healthcare. Working with other service engineers, I learned about working with ventilators, infusion pumps, multi-parameter patient monitors, etc., and the internal processes involved in purchasing a machine from the facility. [ocupación]

This sample letter can also serve as inspiration if you are considering a bachelor's degree in biomedical engineering. Also, make sure you write the perfect motivation letter by advancing your English language skills at a language school abroad. Find the best English courses anywhere in the world.

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  1. Example of motivation letter Biomedical Engineering

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