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In the century in which we live, weddings are the order of the day. And what couple hasn't gone crazy to organize the most special day of their life? Today we bring you two models of invitations for your wedding, and with them help you a little with the organization of the party, thus avoiding that you become saturated, and overwhelmed when it is supposed to be an event where we are all going to celebrate love and have a good time.

Regarding wedding invitations The first thing we have to tell you is that there are thousands of models, millions, but they are all about simplicity and simplicity. we will show you two examples of wedding invitation letters which for our taste are ideal and with them simplify your work.

Model number 1 - invitation letter to a WEDDING


(Name of the bride and groom)

It will be the next day (Date, place and time of the celebration).

The celebration of the event will be with a (dinner/lunch) at (place of the party).

We would like you to attend this special day for us.

We pray confirmation.

(Name of the groom - Telephone)

(Name of the bride - Telephone)

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Model number 2 - Wedding letter

(this model is less common than the others but we have chosen it for its originality) -

My parents GET MARRIED...!

... but his has cost me. I have had to promise to be kinder, eat a lot, stop throwing tantrums, and take good care of them when they are grandparents. But I think it's worth it because they're having a good time. So... you have to come.

It will be the day (Date, place and time in which the celebration will take place). Then we will go to celebrate it at (Place where it will be held) where we will eat many good things.

We're sure to have fun, and just so you know, what the three of us have we have for a lifetime.

Please, call soon because they have me on my nerves.

(Name of the bride and groom and contact telephone numbers)



We hope you like the chosen models since they can be adapted to suit each one and are simple, concise and fun.

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  1. Model number 1 - invitation letter to a WEDDING
  2. Model number 2 - Wedding letter

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