Sample WEDDING LETTERS for a friend

When a man and a woman choose to marryIt is the most important moment of your life. Individualism is over, and they have to start make decisions about your life, his family, the house, the expenses and much more between the two. In this post we will show you an example of wedding letter template for a friend

His wedding day, it will be the most important day that you will remember in your life, that is why when a friend of ours decides to get married, we must ask her a very special letter that reflects how much we are happy and that you will always have us by your side.

Because our friend is getting married, but that does not mean that we are going to lose the great friendship that unites us with her. That is why we must write a very special letter to our valued friend for her upcoming nuptials, which feel that we are by your side and that we always will be.

wedding letter template for a friend

And of course, tell him that can count on you For better or for worse, there you will always be aware of her as she will be with you, because she is always by your side whenever you need her. In an unconditional way and without asking for anything in return, she gives everything for you, but now she has to get married and it is you who has to be there for her and make her feel how happy you are for her.

your friend is going to take a big step in life what is marriage She is going to do it with the love of her life, a man she found and since then you have always seen her much happier and content. A man that you know will make her happy, and that together they will form a family.

You can also tell your friend that now that she has found the love of her life and they are getting married, they must have respect one for the other, in equal quantity. Rely in each other, and not fall into the temptation of jealousy, which do not contribute anything but offer many unnecessary fights.

In this wedding letter for the bride and groom you must give them best wishes to both, that they take care of themselves and love each other for life. It is the best thing you can give your friend, a special letter for her on her wedding day.

Another of the things that you can say to him and he would like it for sure, is that he remember All the years you've been friends the good times that you have spent together, even tell her that you can still spend a lot of time when you can.

Wedding letter template for a friend

With these recommendations you can make a letter, but if you are still not very sure how to do it, I leave you a sample letter so that it is more clear to you how to make one, and then put things that come out to you, about memories that you can specify a great moment that you remember. Here is a sample wedding letter for a friend. I hope this helps you.

My dear friend,

I want you to know that I have always felt very happy to have you as a friend, to have spent so many years together, the summers we spent on the beach or when we went out at night. There are so many memories that I have with you, I will always carry them in my heart and I know that we will continue to have very good moments when I am with you or when you and I go out together one day.

Very soon you are going to take a big step in your life, you are going to live with the man of your life with whom you will have to make big decisions, about your home and about many other things in life. And since you are lucky enough to have found the man of your life and to be reciprocated as you are, I would like to give you the advice to respect each other, love each other forever and instead of arguing talk things normally.

Above all, do not fall into the temptation of jealousy because you think that he only looks at you, and if he looks at another it is by mistake, because he only has eyes for you.

I know that with him and him with you, you will be the happiest in the world.

With all this, I can tell you that I am very happy to be by your side on this very special day, where I will see how you get married and celebrate your wedding day. I will be very happy to be there also by your side.

Congratulations to both of you on this special day!

(Your name)

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