Carta de recomendación en INGLÉS

El inglés es uno de los idiomas más hablados en todo el mundo, y muchas veces, dependiendo del puesto al que nos tengamos que aferrar necesita un mínimo de conocimientos en lengua inglesa, por ello a continuación te explicaremos cuales son los pasos que necesitas para realizar una carta de recomendación en ingles.

En primer lugar, tendrá que aparecer el nombre completo de la persona a la que va dirigida, sea el encargado, dueño o jefe de recursos humanos. En el siguiente párrafo se tiene que identificar la persona que está siendo la que recomienda al posible futuro empleado de dicha empresa.

La primera parte es el contexto, aquí tiene que aparecer el trabajo o las funciones realizadas por la persona, siempre desde nuestro punto de vista, tanto por experiencia que tiene como por funciones que ya ha realizado. Es muy importante hacer referencia al tiempo y al lugar donde se desempeño el trabajo.

carta recomendacion en ingles

En la segunda parte de la carta en idioma inglés, se suele dar la recomendación general, se tienen que exponer todos los datos y características personales, siempre pidiendo referencias, destacando todas las funciones ya realizadas.

En la última parte está el cierre, donde tendremos que incluir la típica frase de; “Quedo a su entera disposición para cualquier duda o información que necesite”, añadiendo cualquier dato de contacto que sea posible. Cartas como la de alumnos para solicitar becas o profesores solicitando puestos en universidades son típicas cartas que se suelen publicar en este idioma.

Ejemplos de cartas de recomendación en inglés

Modelo 1

To whom it May concern:

I am pleased to be able to write the following personal recommendation letter in favor of MIGUEL HERNANDEZ SOTO, a resident of Calle Marqués de la Mina, number 34, 2nd floor, and who is identified through national document number 349387844-L.

My name is Nemesio Ortiz and I am writing as Miguel's friend and co-worker.

I have been proud to know Miguel for 8 years through which I have been able to verify his faultless conduct and his correct way of acting both with me and with the rest of the people who work in the company.

I would like to state that Mr. Miguel Hernandez is a close, noble and generous person who can be trusted. They stand out among all their virtues, especially their ability to work as a team, their intelligence, and their good judgment when making decisions.

For all these qualities, for his good judgment and his great sense of loyalty, I could not refuse to write my sincere references to Miguel, while remaining at the same time available to whoever read these lines in case they needed more additional information in this regard.


Carlos Rodriguez

Modelo 2 de carta de recomendación inglés

In Merida, January 22, 2020

To whom it May concern:

I am writing the following personal recommendation letter in favor of ALBERTO NADAL ROBLES, identified through national document number 229444383-X.

My name is Carlos Arbide Luengas and I am writing as a wholesale supplier in the food sector, with more than 100 regular clients, among whom was Mr. Alberto Nadal.

I would like to express that Alberto is a close, noble and generous person who can be trusted. It has always responsibly met all its financial commitments.

Throughout our friendship and our business relationship, there have been several occasions in which he has needed an advance of material, and Alberto has always been punctual and strict when it comes to paying for it.

I leave my personal phone available to whoever may need it, to expand the information or answer any questions that may arise in this regard.

TF: 6546468465


Carlos Arbide Luengas


Modelo 3

Dear [Name],

It is my great pleasure to write this letter of recommendation for [Name], who is applying for [Position] at [Company].

I have known [Name] for [time period], and it has been a pleasure to work with them in [role]. During this time, I have come to know [Name] as a highly motivated and dedicated individual who is capable of taking on any challenge.

[Name] has always demonstrated an excellent work ethic and commitment to their job, consistently going above and beyond to ensure all tasks are completed with attention to detail and accuracy. They are an excellent communicator, with a talent for quickly understanding complex tasks and efficiently delivering high quality results.

[Name] has a great understanding of the industry and is always eager to learn. They have a strong knowledge of [subject] and have successfully completed a range of projects for [Company].

[Name] is a team player who works well with others and is open to constructive feedback. They have strong leadership and problem-solving skills, which allow them to quickly identify and address issues that may arise.

I have the utmost confidence in [Name]'s capabilities and believe they would be an ideal candidate for the position of [Position]. I strongly recommend [Name] and am certain they will be an asset to any team.


[Your Name]

Modelo 4

Dear [Name],

It is with great pleasure that I write to recommend [Name] for [position] at [Company].

I have had the pleasure of knowing [Name] for [time period], and in that time I have come to know [him/her] as a conscientious and highly capable individual. [His/Her] enthusiasm for the work [he/she] does and commitment to the team has been [positive attribute].

I have found [Name] to be highly organized, detail-oriented, and capable of juggling multiple tasks at once. [He/She] has a knack for understanding complex situations and finding solutions quickly. [He/She] always takes a creative approach to problem solving, coming up with innovative ideas that have proven to be highly effective. [His/Her] strong communication and interpersonal skills allow [him/her] to effectively collaborate with colleagues, clients, and customers.

Not only is [Name] an exceptional professional, but [he/she] is also an exemplary human being. [He/She] is always willing to lend a helping hand and has been a pleasure to work with. [His/Her] positive attitude and passion for [field] are evident in every interaction.

I highly recommend [Name] for the position of [position] at [Company]. [He/She] will bring a wealth of knowledge, creativity, and dedication to any organization. Please do not hesitate to contact me if I can provide further information about [Name].

[Your Name]

Modelo 5

Dear [Recipient],

I am writing to you in support of [Name], whom I have known for [time period]. I am confident in my recommendation of [Name] for [position].

I have had the pleasure of working with [Name] in [context]. During this time, I was able to observe [Name]'s talents and skills firsthand. [Name] is an outstanding individual who excels in all areas of their work.

[Name] is an excellent communicator. [Name] is able to effectively communicate with colleagues, clients, and customers. [Name] is an expert in their field and is always willing to share their knowledge.

In addition to being highly knowledgeable in their field, [Name] is also incredibly organized and detail-oriented. [Name] is able to handle multiple tasks simultaneously and complete them on time. [Name] is also a great problem solver when faced with difficult tasks.

[Name] is also an invaluable team player. [Name] is always willing to lend a helping hand and goes above and beyond to ensure that projects are completed successfully. [Name] has a great attitude and is always willing to learn from others.

I have no doubt that [Name] would be an invaluable asset to your team and I highly recommend [Name] for the position. I am confident that [Name] will make a significant contribution to your organization.


[Your Name]

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