CHRISTMAS Letter for a Friend | Examples and tips

The friendship It is a very precious value that we should not let go. Having a friend is really the best thing you can have. In this post we will share a beautiful Christmas letter to a friend.

To you friend You explain to him the good and the bad that is happening to you, when you have a problem he offers you his best words to make you feel much more encouraged, and he really succeeds. When he can, he helps you, he offers his help to get you out of any trouble you've gotten into. And it is that a friend is really a treasure.

Christmas is the ideal time to show and share our deepest feelings, and many that are better than write a christmas letter to express everything that does not come out with words. Time to reflect on everything we have done this year, the best time to forget grudges (if any) and to give our best wishes to our friends and acquaintances.

Christmas letter to a friend

And now that Christmas is coming, you can't be less and you have to give him a gift. And the best gift for a friend is a Christmas greeting letter, a letter that she will keep because you are her friend and she liked your words.

And it is that your friend really deserves everything, whether you write her a letter for his birthday or a sad farewell letter Well, with her you have lived the best moments, the stories of when you were girls, the outings with her when you were older, there are so many memories that you have, that you really realize that the least you can do is a Christmas letter.

This year you Christmas letter to your friend it has to be special. You can tell her that you wish her the best for this coming year, and that you will always be by her side, because friends are through thick and thin, but always together.

With this letter, she has to know that on these special dates you remember her and that you want her to know that you are thinking of her at Christmas, and it is coming soon.

Christmas letter template for a friend

Here I am going to give you a sample Christmas letter for a friend, I hope you like it and it will help you to write to her next Christmas.

Hello my dear friend,

And at the same time my sister, because I don't think there are two blood sisters who love and care for each other as much as you and I do.

And it is that we have been together for so many years, so many memories of Christmas, summer, partying, when we were little and hid treasures underground.

You are, of course, my best friend, my sister, with whom I have shared all facets of my life, from the best to the least good, because together we have made the bad things turn into less good, thank you my sister friend for always being there. by my side supporting me and advising me. A thousand million thanks to you, and only to you.

That is why on these special dates I would like to tell you:

Happy new year and have a new year full of joy and happiness, and you know that you can always count on your best friend, which is me.

See you soon for this Christmas, see you soon my sister!!

Your best friend, Lucia.

Christmas letter template for friends

Dear friend,

Christmas is love, it is giving everything, what is sincerely desired. Leaving what little they have in people's pockets without expecting anything in return, few have such a good attitude. That's why, because I appreciate you, that's why I love you and that's why you're important to me.

This Christmas I hope you find yourself with a lot of love, kindness, sincerity.

I hope you are happy, I love you very much.

Have fun because you deserve it. Merry christmas!

Christmas postcards and cards to send to friends

Perhaps sometimes a card shows all the love much better than a letter, or you are looking for something to send via WhatsApp to groups or several friends or colleagues at the same time. In these cases, a Christmas card or postcard is ideal.

Tips for writing a Merry Christmas letter

That time of year has arrived. The time to spread joy, share gifts and let those we care about know how much they mean to us. For many of us, that means sending a Christmas letter to our friends.

But what is it that makes a good Christmas letter? How can you make sure yours stands out from the rest?

Here are some tips that will help you write a merry Christmas letter to your friend that they will surely love:

1. 1. Make it personal.

The Christmas letter must revolve around your friend. What have you done this year? What plans do you have for these holidays? What has been the highlight of your year?

Be sure to mention specific things about them and avoid generic comments. This will show that you have been paying attention and that you care about them as individuals.

2. Share your own vacation plans.

Your friend will want to know what you are doing this holiday season. Are you going to stay at home or are you going to travel? Who are you going to spend time with? What is your favorite thing to do during the holidays?

3. Advance them what is to come.

If you have any great news to share, now is the time! Are you expecting a baby? You're getting married? Are you moving to a new house? This is the perfect opportunity to let your friend know what's coming up in the coming year.

4. Brings up happy memories.

What are some of your friend's favorite memories? Christmas is a time to reflect on the good times, so be sure to bring up some of your favorite times together.

5. Use festive language.

Your Christmas letter is the perfect opportunity to bring out all those holiday puns and jokes you've been saving. Have fun and be creative.

6. End with a sincere message.

After sharing all the news and holiday cheer, take a moment to express how much your friend means to you. Wish her a Merry Christmas and let her know how much you look forward to spending time together in the new year.

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