Letter to the Magi

The tradition of the wise men It is one of the most important in Latin America European countries traditions how one of the ways in which children can ask for gifts from these laws is something similar to the letter to be written santa claus difference here this letter is a little more symbolic and should have a more striking structure, that is, this is a letter that allows children to dream and share all their ideas and desires, it is for this reason that in this article we offer you an idea of ​​letters for the wise men that way your children will be able to write what they really want you will be able to have an idea of ​​what it is that I so longed for.

letter to the kings

Sample letter to the wise men to print

Dear wise men:
My name is: ______________________ I am a child from: Mexico this year I have been a very good person I have helped others and above all I have been concerned with doing good and following the paths of honesty and wisdom, although I barely have : 9 years I am a person who understands that doing good is one of the reasons why we are on this planet. I would like to ask with great humility that they bring me the following list of gifts, the culés I promise to share with my friends and with what they have least.
• A car
• A doll
• Some shoes
I understand that some of the gifts that I request on the list will not be possible to bring since they have to bring the gifts of many more children, however I deeply appreciate any of those gifts since it is something that I have been waiting for all year, I also want to add that: I ask for the health and well-being of all my family, friends and strangers.
Marcos Peraza, Mexico City.

Remember that you must change the texts according to your tastes before printing and writing it according to your reality in this example of a letter to the wise men, remember that you can add or remove the text you want.

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  1. Sample letter to the wise men to print

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