Facing your oblivion – It hurts to let go of what is loved the most, but today I say goodbye.

today another regular visitor to our site leaves us a beautiful letter in the form of a poem, called facing your oblivion, lines full of feeling to face a situation as difficult as a separation...

facing your oblivion

To the place where you went to run... I won't go. I'm sorry.
I'm tired of motivating hope and feeling my soul fade away.
I want to wake up and feel that there is something more than you.
Those April trips I need to forget them.
I never felt grayer than now, but enough is enough.

You try to fly so high, without realizing it you clip my wings
I fall, I hit myself and you just stare ahead.
Your ignorance kills me...

You forgot what's important...
I don't want the pearls.
I would give up everything for you to realize what I really need.
But you do not see beyond your eyes and what surrounds you.
If maybe you'll think a little more, you'll open the door
you would realize that there is something unique and special.

I'm always silent...
Before we were two voices in the room, but now there is only your voice and my silence.
You talk about nothing important. If we died today, what you're counting would be left over.

My mistake: stay in our memories.
When I get up I only think about what we were.
Very well said… In what we went. But, today is now, I can no longer live in the past.

Our spring is poured out...
I don't deny you, I tried to save you, but I always ended up suffocating. Yes, because of your indifference.
The clock asks me to feel full again.
You filled me up and I feel like no one will fill me up like this, but now I feel empty...

We enjoyed the trip until we found the gold coin…
What to do if all is lost?
The coins snatched me, the reason for my existence.
You have a new face.
You left the mask.
I no longer see the person who one day made me fall in love.

I will learn to live without you
Your lips are no longer looking for mine and that is what hurts me the most.
I need to let you go.
And even if my hands ask me to hug your body, I won't.

Your world is no longer me, I will have to invent a new one for myself...
It's time for you to choose your priorities and conquer the whole world.
I will be trying to find another happiness, trying to remove that tattoo that one day you drew on my soul.

I love you, but bye.

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