Letters to make a MAN fall in love: Leave him at your feet with this letter

If what we want is to make a man fall in love, we must take into account his personality, many men are difficult when they fall in love, they prefer that we be direct or some prefer us to be cautious. However, the letters to make a man fall in love are infallible when it comes to conquering his heart.

Today we will give you some advice so that you can write your letter and also, toSome inspirational models so you can have ideas about what to say.Look at this love letter to your husband.

Letters to make a MAN fall in love

Tips for writing letters to make a man fall in love

1-. It is very important that your letter is natural, simple and sincere. You should not try to write it with pompous language that you do not drive naturally or that your boy does not understand.

2-. It doesn't need to be too long. The important thing is that you manage to really express your feelings and that it touches his heart.

3-. At the time of writing the letter, you must visualize the person you love.The same thing is done when writing a letter to make a woman fall in love. You can see one of their photos or remember the moments they lived together.

4-. Look for sources of inspiration Like songs or movies.

5-. When you decide to write it, make sure you are in a moment of peace, where you are not interrupted.

6-. Throughout the letter keep the main objective. Remember to make a draft with ideas and then you develop them little by little.

Sample letters to make a man fall in love

It is important that you keep in mind that the sample letters that we will show you below are simply models for you to find inspiration in the letters you are going to write. It is important that everything you write comes completely from the heart.

sample letter 1

Hello my love,

Today I thought about writing this letter to you, because as you must already know, I like to keep things clear, I like that we are completely honest with each other, but above all, I like to surprise you. I'm pretty sure you haven't received a love letter in a long time, although there's a chance this is the first and possibly not the last I'll write to you.

The objective of the lines that I write to you today is to declare everything that I feel for you, because these encounters from the beginning are exciting and exciting, but I must confess that I think we are in a tug of war trying not to show all the cards for fear of that we hurt each other. It is a good defensive method, because we have both been hurt, but with you I want to do things differently and I want to go for everything, always clear.

I want to tell you that in this time that we have been together, I have gone crazy for you. On the first date I kept thinking about you, on the second I couldn't resist your smile, but on the third I realized that it was impossible to continue resisting. That's why I look forward to our next meeting with great anxiety and excitement, and I want it to be as soon as possible, because I can't take that long without seeing you.

I need you, your kisses, that we continue to get to know each other in those talks until the wee hours of the morning. Of course, I want our relationship to go much further. This letter is to leave all my cards exposed to you and I know that I must not protect myself from you anymore.

I look forward,


sample letter 2

My dear,

This letter is to tell you everything I've always wanted you to know, because I can't express myself out loud and even less when it comes to looking you in the eye, because I get distracted and completely lose concentration. On paper I can get naked in an honest way, I want you to know how much I love you and how important you are in my life, I want our relationship to be the best and to be so full of love that it never runs out.

I can't imagine life if you're not with me, I don't want to do it either, because this love we have is worth living one, two, and a thousand more lives. So you know that you will always have me here, in this life and in all that we will live, because our relationship, in addition to going beyond logic and reason, is a relationship that connected our souls in the purest style.

Yours forever.

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