Letter of claim for fees to Banco Santander

A visitor sends us this complaint letter to Banco Santander in disagreement with the high value of the bank's ratesHopefully it will be useful to other people with similar problem...

Santander Bank

Very high cups Banco Santander international commission

I am writing to tell you about my experience as a customer at Banco Santander.

I bought some tickets to Europe a few days ago, it took me a while to buy them because I was looking for the best offer, the difference in money between one day and another sometimes varies from 50 to 100 thousand Chilean pesos, which is no less when traveling that all adds up
Days after buying the tickets I see a charge on my credit card with which I bought the tickets for an amount around 52 thousand pesos that says international commission. Not understanding this, I call an executive from the bank and he tells me that this is the value he gave me precisely for the rate that the bank has for international purchases of 3.5 IMPRESSIVE!!!! I wait days to save a little more on my tickets and not buy a ticket of 50 or 100 thousand pesos more expensive, but nevertheless my own bank stabs me in the back with a commission of more than 50 thousand pesos! a theft!!! really a shame.

I want to tell you that my only reason for being in this bank is because I accumulate Lan pass kilometers because otherwise I wouldn't be there, they even rob you for breathing, they charge you everything I pay more than 20 thousand pesos just to maintain my cards and almost I do not occupy them.

I hope Banco Santander gives me an answer to this, although I doubt it.


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  1. Very high cups Banco Santander international commission

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