Change of address notification letter

It is important to note that when a company or a business change residence, whatever the reasons, they have the duty to notify you to the clientele and its distributors, the new location to be able to continue with the employment relationship that has kept them together to this day.

Now, to make the statement, the ideal is to write a letter of participation for the change of address and send it to each one in particular. Later, we will leave an example of said change of address notification letter

change of address notification letter

Example of change of address notification letter.


Av. San Jacinto, No. 3018 Turmero, Edo Aragua

C.P. 34724 55 67 26 09 Venezuela

May 13, 2013.

Mr. Luis Manuel Silveira González


I am pleased to greet you, the reason why I am writing to you is to notify you that due to the development that is taking place in our corporation, we were forced to move our offices to a new address, in order to continue with our relationship in the professional field, which has kept us together during these five (5) years.

We send you the following statement, so that you have the knowledge with prior notice that as of May 26 of this year, we will continue to serve you at Av. Constitución de la Intercomunal, C.C Maracay No. 45 Edo. Aragua.

In the same way, you are informed that the telephone numbers of the offices will continue to be the same, as well as the email addresses and mobile phone numbers of our collaborators. Now, it will be very pleasant to see you again in our new offices; remaining at your disposal for any particular matter that you request. Thank you very much for your attention while reading this notification.


Mr. Roberto Emiliano Contreras Ríos


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  1. Example of change of address notification letter.

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