Notification letter format

A notification letter can be used on several occasions One of the reasons for this type of letter, mainly used for the collection of pending invoices or those with arrears of more than 30 days, a notification is the means by which the debtor is informed that a limit of days will be given to get paid.

It is important that before making a notification in this case a notification of payment advisers with respect to the contract that the other party has signed in this article we will provide you with an example of notification letter of collection you can always modify any line or words according to your needs.


Sample Collection Notification Letter Format


Dear Sir/Madam:___________________ We hereby inform you that your debt is 30 calendar days late, for this reason we kindly request the immediate payment of said debt, in this way you will avoid paying excellent late fees, the debt that is to be collected is the one stipulated in the contract that you signed number: ____________________.

In case you do not have all the money, we invite you to contact us at the number: _______________ or by email: _____________ with Mr. (a): __________________________ in this way to avoid that said debt goes up to judicial collection which will carry lawyer expenses and staff, these would be reflected in your debt.

After the day of receiving this notification, you will have 8 calendar days to contact our department, so that we can reach a payment agreement for you to benefit from, otherwise this notification will be sent to the legal collection department judicial, something that will raise the debt since the interest on the debt will be added.

Attn.:______________________ billing department.

Remember that you will be able to add or remove lines or words to this letter depending on your needs.

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  1. Sample Collection Notification Letter Format

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