Example of notification letter for dismissal

Despite a dismissal notification letter is not a letter that is commonly liked, we should all know how to proceed to create it. And here we are, bringing you a clear example of how we can create this type of cards without eating our heads, trying to the bitter moment It happens in the best possible way, within what is possible.

notification letter for dismissal

That is, today we come to put you an example of how to create a layoff notice. For this we will proceed to explain it to you through an example, interrupted by light explanatory tags throughout this notification, so that we are not left with doubts, neither when creating one of these letters, nor when receiving one and not knowing how to interpret it.

Notification letter notification model for dismissal

Details of the company that proceeds to write the notice of dismissal:
NIF, Place and date on which the events take place:

In ..... to ..... of ...... of .....

Dear Sir (Name of person to be fired)

Through this dismissal letter, we inform you that by decision of the administration of (name of the position or positions that have made the decision to dismiss) we are going to do without your services that up to now you have been offering in our company.

The reasons for which such a decision has been reached (In this section we proceed to give a brief and concise explanation of the reason for the dismissal of the person, clarifying if necessary each of the exposed points and, if necessary, attaching evidence that confirm that person's mistake).

We let you know that for your corresponding settlement delivery, you can go to (Place where it is decided to terminate the contract of the person being fired).

no other statement,

Yours sincerely

(Name / Signature of the person writing the letter)

(Position of the person who has previously signed)


In any case, the dismissal letter, as we have clarified in the example itself, must be accompanied by the necessary evidence that justifies the dismissal and that this is a correct and legal dismissal.

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