Sample letter of apology to a friend

An apology letter to a friend is important when you have not been able to attend an event or meeting for which you have committed, one of the most formal and polite ways to ask apologize by letter It is a ready-made letter which can be sent by email or by paper mail.

sorry to friend

It is very important that you understand the level of trust with the person who is going to receive this letter the vocabulary used should be formal or informal below we offer you an example of a formal letter to a friend modify the words or lines depending on the needs that you have at the moment.

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Example of an apology letter to a friend (formal)


Dear: _________________ by this means I want to apologize for not being able to attend the talk that I had organized for all the friends of the 2000 generation yesterday, I tried by all means to attend, however personal situations prevented me completely. I would like you to accept an invitation from me to have a coffee next week, it may be the day: ____________ by the way I will tell you in more detail the reason why I could not attend.

I really appreciate that you invited me and I hope that next time I can attend without any problem, I thank you in advance for your understanding for my absence at said meeting, since as I reiterated, they were for reasons that were out of my hands.

In the same way, let me know if you can meet me next week for a delicious coffee, you can tell me the meeting place or if you allow me to choose, we could go to a cafeteria near my house where they prepare delicious sandwiches.

A hug

Att.: Maria Salinas

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  1. Example of an apology letter to a friend (formal)

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