Example of apology letter to client

A apology letter to clients It is exercised at the moment in which the client has received a treatment that has not been stipulated by the company. It is very important that you value and take care of your clients. At the moment that there is any displeasure on the part of the client, it is very important to contact him. verbally but important to extend our concerns and apologies through a formal letter.

Which can be delivered by email or by paper mail, as we saw in the Christmas letter to clients. Below we show you an example of a letter to request an apology for a client. It is clear that this letter can be modified depending on the company and the situation in which the failure and displeasure for the client arose.

apology letter to client

Example of apology letter to clients


Dear Sir/Madam:___________________ By this means I: _________________ want to extend my most sincere apologies for the event that happened on: ______ in which the order delivery situation was not what you wanted, we have already taken action on the matter and reiterated to our collaborators the importance of delivering the products on time and with optimum quality.

We do not take customer service very seriously and it is for this reason that disciplinary and feedback rules have been issued to prevent this situation from happening again. We are a company in which we always try to provide the best experience to all our customers. . We would like to offer you a 35% discount on your next purchase as part of our apologies.

On behalf of this server, the general management and the entire company thank you for being our client and we assure you that we will reinforce the point that you specified so that we can give you a quality of service of your height and importance.

Sincerely: José Mora, Customer Service Management.

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