Letters to a SECRET Friend: Writing Tips and Examples

Letters are a great way to express our feelings towards anyone, many of us cannot communicate easily or fluently when we have that special person face to face, so a great way to do it is through letters, they help us provide time for analyze what we mean and how we want to say it.

Today we want to talk to you about how you can write letters for a secret friend, we will give you some models to inspire you and also, we will provide you with some tips to write your letter smoothly.

Letters to a SECRET friend

Tips for writing letters to a secret friend

1-. It is important that take the time to think about what you want to sayIt doesn't matter if it takes several days, but write down all your ideas in a notebook or in the notes on your phone so that I can help you when writing the final letter. look at this model letters for a friend's wedding

2-. When you feel that you already have all the content, be sure to create the environment so that the inspiration in your letter flows, do not answer calls or messages, find a place where no one will interrupt you and play music that inspires you to what you are going to write.

3-. Before writing the final letter, make a sketch of it, that is, take a piece of paper and write the letter in pencil, once you are satisfied with everything you have written, Start with the letter you are going to deliver. Don't worry, this may take a little time, erasures or erasures, that's why it's important that we do it on a different piece of paper.

4-. Start writing your letter, it is best to do it with ink, a black pen to make it look fancy, try to make your handwriting very pretty and again, take your time to make the letters for a secret friend. Remember, no one is rushing you.

5-. Once you have finished the letter, decorate it if you wish and put it in a nice, new envelope in any color you like. If your letter exceeds more than one sheet, you must fold each sheet independently and then join them again, this is so that the fold is even and when you open it, it looks beautiful.

6-. When you are going to deliver it, make sure that she does not see you, because logically it is for your secret friend. you can give him a gift simple next to the letter, We assure you that it will move her. However, pay attention to her tastes, the most important thing is that she has a gift that she likes and not something that she is not going to use or appreciate because it has nothing to do with her personality. Farewell letters to a friend.

Sample letters to a secret friend

The models of letters for a secret friend that we will show you below are for two different cases, the first will be for a secret friend on Valentine's Day declaring your love and telling him how important he is to you; and the second is for when we are going to deliver a secret friend gift at Christmas or any other occasion.

sample letter 1

Dear secret friend,

I wish you have the best month of love and friendship, because no one else deserves a movie love. I wish you could love me as much as I love you, but since I can't express this to you face to face, I had to do it by some means and I decided to write you this letter.

Valentine's Day is a month that makes me think about you a lot, although really, I think about you every day, but this month has made me venture to confess my love for you and also give you this gift with your favorite flowers, you see how quick I am much attention to everything you like. I hope you know how to value all this and that one day I can tell you on a date.

With lots of love,

your secret friend

sample letter 2

Dear secret friend,

It was you who got a gift and I confess that I have not stopped thinking about a gift that you might like very much, but I wanted to give you this sweet before and tell you that everything is going very well in the choice of your gift, I have lent a lot of attention to everything you say that you like and your personal style.

However, I must tell you that this gift is quite special, because I am sure that it is not something that anyone would give you and I am afraid of being wrong with the choice I have made, but I trust that you can appreciate this, because as soon as I saw it I thought that it was the perfect detail for a girl like you, full of illusions, fun, but above all beautiful and intelligent.

Until the day arrives, I hope you enjoy the sweet that I have left next to this letter and I hope that your desire to know your gift only increases.

With love,

Your secret friend.

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