Thanking CLIENTS: Letter Format

Usually a customer thank you letter it is extended after a customer makes a purchase or in the case that he is a frequent customer It is important to know the customer's first and last name before issuing the letter if you have any doubts about the name it is better to find out.

It is not nice to write a letter which has another person's name on it this could be offensive to the sender of the letter On the other hand make sure the face has excellent spelling as well as adequate drama it is important that you know your client before send in the letter this Factor determines the format that the letter should take below we show you an example of a letter format to thank frequent customers or any other type of customer of the company.

customer thank you letter

Sample letter to thank customers

Dear:______________ on behalf of the company: ______________and the general management want to thank you for all this time that has not allowed us to serve you, for us all our clients are extremely important and even more so clients like you who are the basis of our company. As part of our thanks we would love to extend you a discount on: _______on the products you purchase in your next purchase, to deliver the coupon please contact us at the phone: ___________.

In the same way, for us your opinion is highly important, it is for this reason that we ask you to fill out the survey attached to this letter and deposit it in our customer service mailbox, this as part of our mission to improve, if you do not have time to fill out the survey let us know and one of our agents will call you to do it by phone, we will not take more than 5 minutes. Thank you again for choosing us and we hope to continue being part of your projects for many more years.

Sincerely: __________________________

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